Archive: April 2012

My cousins and I were laughing about a photo of us when we were kids: our parents had us act out the nativity scene for Christmas, complete with costumes and a baby doll wrapped in a blanket. And while I’m sure I didn’t mind playing the part of a shepherd, I hesitate to think that […]

My toddler isn’t really one to dance. He has friends who, just by hearing some music, will move their hips and shoulders while clapping their hands. My toddler—not so much. He’ll sometimes do his Flashdance “What a Feeling” foot shuffle and wave his arms when he sees people dancing to the Wii, but in general, […]

A few weeks ago, my toddler was hanging out at his grandma’s house when he started getting frustrated. He got so cranky that he started banging on the table. Immediately I told him, “You seem upset, but I won’t let you hit the table. Here—hit the pillow instead.” He obliged and started pounding on the […]

My two-year-old has been relatively easy for the past several months. We haven’t had any major tantrums or patience-testing phases. He’s been sleeping through the night like clockwork. And he has been so patient and compliant even when I would never expect a toddler to be (such as sitting calmly in an over-crowded Costco while […]

My toddler doesn’t get to interact with too many kids his age. Sure, he has cousins and even a few play mates, but we don’t see them often. On one hand, I’m perfectly fine with this—I tend to think that children actually benefit from adult-oriented interactions than peer-oriented ones. But I also understand the important […]