Speech Delay and the Last Time I Worried

Flashback Friday: Speech delay and the last time I worried-bunch of bananas

When my little guy was a baby, we kept hearing from people, "Oh, he's going to be an early talker, just listen to him babble!" And I proudly assumed the same until his 15-month appointment when his pediatrician asked the question that changed my mind: "How many words does he say?" "Umm..." I stammered. "Maybe three?" I replied. Even after I said it I knew I wasn't being completely accurate. His three words weren't words so much as babbles. He would say "mamama..." but without any direct correlation to me (or anything else, really), but because it sounded close to "mama" I counted it as a … [Read more...]

When Your Kid Doesn’t Play the “Right Way”

When Your Kid Doesn't Play the "Right Way"

My toddler doesn't always play the "right way." For instance, he actually complains when I try to sit him in a swing. Instead, he wants to be on the ground so that he can pull the swing, let go and watch it sway back and forth. He has even added a few variations of this game: he'll grab the swing and pull it out to the side to see it sway left and right instead of forward and back. And each time he does this, he squeals with delight, as if he has just discovered the most entertaining game ever. This reminded me of a recent comment from Oster's Mom from Discover and Devour. In my post … [Read more...]

Dads Are Co-Parents, Not Babysitters

Dads Are Co-Parents, NOT Babysitters

On mom boards, I've been hearing from moms wondering how to get dads to pitch in more, particularly in the child-rearing department. They're stay-at-home moms with husbands who expect them to handle the kids, or working moms who come home from work only to do even more work around the house. They're not sure how to get their partners to ease some of the burden from their shoulders. I'm not surprised with this situation. Women are seen as the nurturing gender, the caregivers of the family (maybe that's why most schools, hospitals or single-income families I've seen tend to have female … [Read more...]

Weekend links and the cat that’s spelled ‘meow’


My toddler has gone book-bonkers and spends a huge chunk of his day flipping through books. He likes to recite the lines, all the while tracing the words with his fingers as if he were really reading them. Or we'll hear, "What's that say?" as he points to lines in a book (of course asking this over... and over... and over). He can also now identify certain words. When we walk around the block, he knows that the stop signs are spelled S-T-O-P and that those letters spell out the word "stop." At first I thought he just knew that stop signs in general say stop, but yesterday we were driving … [Read more...]

Why I Hate Taking My Toddler to the Farmers Market

Why I hate taking my toddler to the farmers market

I love farmers markets for so many reasons: Farmers tend to sell chemical-free produce. Local farmers mean less commuter pollution. Purchasing goods from local vendors keeps more dollars within the community. I've come to know the vendors, I shop outdoors, and I often attend their festivities and music. Plus the food just tastes so darn good! Which is all the more ironic because I absolutely don't like taking my toddler with me. Of course we tried. For two years we tried. And here's what's been happening: we arrive, and everything my toddler wants to look at has nothing to do with the … [Read more...]

How to Deal with a Picky Eater


About a month ago, I wrote about my toddler's propensity for eating. No matter how much food we placed in front of him, the boy would keep asking for more, more, more until I eventually figured out a system that seemed to work. Hooray for me... and the four other parents in the entire world who have this issue. Because based on your comments, I gathered that most of you would gladly trade in my problem for yours: what to do with picky eaters. For instance, Lyle, from Ramblings of a Lyle wrote: He’s getting into that picky stage where getting him to eat anything new is like pulling teeth. … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Bother with Working Mom Guilt

Why I Don't Bother with Working Mom Guilt

I keep hearing about this guilt I'm supposed to feel because I'm a mom who works. Apparently I should beat myself up because I don't get to see my toddler several hours in the day, that someone else is caring for him while I'm in the office or that I can't seem to keep my home spotless. Instead, I'm one of those moms who feel zero guilt when it comes to my toddler and working. And it's not because I'm a workaholic—I don't work crazy hours or check my work email while on vacation. Sure, I enjoy what I do in the office, work hard, excel in my field and get along well with my coworkers, but … [Read more...]

Is It Okay to Tell My Son He’s Handsome?


My two-year-old looks stunning. I can look at his face and fall in love each time. Yet considering that being his mom gives me automatic permission to be over-the-top biased and that I can brag about him to everyone... I don't. I not only refrain from telling others how handsome he is, I hardly tell my son, either. I'll call him cutie-pie but usually say it when he does something cute (like when he makes jokes), and not when he looks cute. Even for the times when he takes my breath away, I end up saying "I love you" instead. I never sat down and decided, "I will not give my son compliments … [Read more...]