Archive: April 2012

“Let’s go to the beach!” I suggested to my toddler on a recent day off. The weather had finally started warming up, if even just to sit on the sand and hear the waves slapping back and forth. I packed up our blanket and toys, slathered on some sunscreen and headed out. But once I […]

For someone who lives in a city (in an apartment, at that) and who has yet to go camping for fear of the bathroom “amenities,” I still consider myself a nature enthusiast. I love being outdoors, whether to hike, lie on the beach or even visit our local park. So it’s only fitting that I […]

Several months ago, my toddler and I stopped by the library and sat in the children’s area. Another mom was already there, playing with her little girl when suddenly I heard the mom sing under her breath, “Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was heeee…” Old King Cole […]

When my little guy was a baby, we kept hearing from people, “Oh, he’s going to be an early talker, just listen to him babble!” And I proudly assumed the same until his 15-month appointment when his pediatrician asked the question that changed my mind: “How many words does he say?” “Umm…” I stammered. “Maybe […]

My toddler doesn’t always play the “right way.” For instance, he actually complains when I try to sit him in a swing. Instead, he wants to be on the ground so that he can pull the swing, let go and watch it sway back and forth. He has even added a few variations of this […]