One of my favorite parts about being a blogger is reading your comments. I’ll check my blog stats and get so excited when a new comment pops up. Yes it feels good to have an audience, but the real benefit of reading comments is learning from you, finding out how you’re doing with your own families, and recognizing which posts elicits the most discussion.

Most commented posts on SSBE v2As I did during last year’s Fourth of July, I rounded up the top four posts with the most comments from the past year. Below are the four posts that got you talking:

Number four: Practical advice for first-time moms
This post goes to show how awesome you guys are. So many of you chimed in with your own tidbits on how you coped with being a first-time mom. I was so impressed with the wealth of knowledge that I even announced the post again, specifically so readers can look at your comments.

Number three: Quick update: The twins are here!
Thank you so much for extending a warm welcome to my twin boys. I loved hearing from SSBE readers, from old timers to new.

Number two: A new chapter
Another personal post makes the list, this time with me announcing my twin pregnancy. Many of you were just as shocked as I was to hear the news!

And the number one post with the most comments this past year?

Winner: Why do you work or stay-at-home?
Perhaps one of the biggest decisions parents make, choosing to work or stay-at-home got many of you talking. This topic comes with heavy baggage, but I love how your comments stayed honest, non-judgmental and purely personal.

Thank you for another great year of comments! As I mention over and over, you make this blog so worthwhile. Thanks, and Happy Fourth of July!