The top 10 gifts your friends and family will adoreHave you ever seen something and thought, “That would make an awesome gift”? This happens to me throughout the year, and I would buy these gifts for so-and-so, even if the occasion or the holidays were months away. The gifts were too darn cute to pass up on. If you’d like to give unique holiday gifts—all under $30—consider these following 10 items for your friends, family and co-workers:

twigs pencil twigs stationery letterpress stationery stamps  vintage stamps
rubsbarbecue rubs whiskeywhiskey rocks crayon-rockscrayon rocks
5858736305sixty years of memories soap-ballssoap balls chocolate-robotschocolate robots
reindeercatnip toy (for pet owner)

1. Pencil twigs
I gave these to my niece, and I love the look and uniqueness of it. These would even make for a pretty desktop decoration.

2. Letterpress stationery
I work in graphic design, so of course I love anything with letterpress—the texture, the colors, and the layout. I’m giving these cards to my boss, as they feature the Chicago skyline, a city he loves.

3. Vintage stamps
I’m pairing up the stationery with these vintage stamps. They’re absolutely useable and add up to a first-class mail.

4. Barbecue rubs
A few months ago, I read the book Cooked by Michael Pollan where the first chapter is all about barbecue. And how barbecue is all about the meat, and the rubs (not the sauce). It inspired me to look for these beautiful kits for the grillers and barbecuers in my life.

5. Whiskey rocks
I gave these to my sister, aka hostess with the mostess who loves entertaining in her beautiful home. My coworker first introduced me to this concept—frozen cubes in lieu of ice (which can often water down the drink). Genius!

6. Crayon rocks
These crayon rocks make awesome gifts for little ones and even teachers who are always on the lookout for school supplies. The shape of the rocks help improve the child’s grip, plus, they’re crayons… and rocks! They come in small baggies or a huge box of 64 colors.

7. Sixty years of memories
It’s these types of gifts that are simply irreplaceable and unforgettable. Okay, they take a ton more work than clicking “buy” online, but wow, imagine your loved one reading through sixty letters (or however many years they’re celebrating), finding one surprise, one old friend, right after another.

8. Soap balls
I’m a sucker for soap, and I was drawn to these soap balls for their color and shape. Perfect for coworkers, siblings, anyone who shares the same love for soap (yes it exists!) as I do.

9. Chocolate robots
At my son’s school, parents often bring treats for the students in celebration of their child’s birthday. For his, I gave my son’s classmates these adorable chocolate robots. They come in chocolate and white chocolate and are about one-inch high each.

10. Catnip toy
We can’t forget about the pet lovers. I love these holiday designs (and I hope the cats do too).

What are some adorable gifts you have given or received? Share them in the comments below!

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