14 Books I Read (and Liked!) in 2013There are books that are decent, and then there are books where you paste its Amazon link on your sister’s Facebook page with simply the words: “Read it!!!” Or the books you keep referring your friends to. Or the one you make your mom write down in her notebook because she just has to look it up in the library and read it. Or—the ultimate you-know-it’s-a-good-book indicator—you get a “book hangover” where the next subsequent reads just aren’t as good in comparison. These are those kinds of books.

Most of these titles are recent publications, while some are oldies that I only got a hold of just this past year. Their topics range from fiction to memoirs to food to business. I hope you’ll read them and, if you do, let me know what you think. Nothing better than book talk with fellow readers!


golem mountains midwife
cooked lean interestings
wild bone round
vacancy human good
french notebook

Have you read any of these books? What books are you looking forward to reading? What were some of your favorite reads this past year? Share the titles in the comments below!

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