This past year has been so good to me, namely because I welcomed my twin boys, and my older one has proven to be an amazing big brother. And while blogging slowed down when the twins arrived, I’ve since stuck to a regular schedule, having written 78 posts in 2013. Of those posts, which ones were the most popular? Which 13 posts written this past year garnered the most clicks, views and interest? Take a look…

Top 13 posts of SSBE 201313. How to Stay Positive when Times Are Tough
At the height of my pregnancy woes, I needed to remind myself how to look at the brighter side of things. I remember barely able to move, itching like mad because of my rashes (plural!) and generally miserable with carrying twins.

12. 5 Reasons Why I Suck at Being a Mom Sometimes
There’s no such thing as a perfect mom, as these five examples go to show. I’m normally on my A-game, but there are those days when I don’t even think I’m qualified to write a parenting blog for the hell I raise with my kid.

11. The Irony of Judging Other Moms
This post tells the story of how I used to judge certain moms at the playground… only to become one of them down the line. Go figure.

10. Should Dads Wake Up for Nighttime Feedings?
In short? Yes. Stay-at-home moms (or moms on maternity leave, as I was) put in just as much work as their partners who are paid. During the twins’ earlier months, I absolutely needed my husband to wake up for nighttime feedings because the next day consisted of working my butt off being with the kids. As the kids grow, I don’t find it that necessary, although each family is different.

9. 6 Ways to Prevent Your Toddler from Killing Your Baby
Fellow blogger Danielle from Keeping Up with the Holsbys wrote her hilarious yet truthful post about ensuring your baby’s safety in the presence of your older kids.

8. Mommy Track: On Women, Careers and “Giving It Up” for Motherhood
I interviewed fellow blogger MaryAnne from Mama Smiles where we discussed the “mommy track.” Do stay-at-home moms, flex-schedule moms and any woman who doesn’t work the typical 9 to 5 give up their career potential when they leave the workforce?

7. How to Help Your Child Adjust to a New Sibling
One of the most challenging times post-delivery of the twins was actually dealing with their older brother. He gave us a run for our money, having to adjust to two new babies, having his world turned upside down, and letting us know very clearly that he didn’t appreciate any of it. Thankfully he is now an amazing older brother (constantly surprising me with his brotherly love).

6. Quick Update: The Twins Are Here!
You all sent so much love when the boys arrived. Thank you!

5. 12 Breastfeeding Secrets Every Mom Should Know
“One thing I didn’t realize was how difficult breastfeeding could be,” a co-worker had confided in me recently. This post discusses that, plus the benefits and ins and outs of breastfeeding our babies.

4. How to Survive the Newborn Stage
I have yet to meet a parent who can honestly say that the newborn stage was easy. With sleep deprivation, healing from childbirth, older children to contend with, doctors visits galore… this post talked about just how we can get through this difficult stage.

3. 11 Children’s Books with People of Color (and Where Race Isn’t the Main Point)
This post was inspired by another one from My Friend Betty Says where Betty encouraged her readers to check out children’s books with people of color. Regardless of your child’s ethnicity, it’s pertinent to expose her to a variety of people. One of the best ways to do just that is through books. And I especially love children’s books where race isn’t even discussed; people of color are simply going about their business all in the name of normalcy.

2. Common Questions about Sleep Training Twins
Sleep: the one thing twin moms need and crave. As much as we tried to have our boys sleep on their own, they were still prone to waking up throughout the night and crying because they couldn’t put themselves to sleep. And even though I had sleep trained my singleton, doing the same with twins posed many questions I needed answers to.

And the number one post that got the most views of 2013? Here it is…

1. Preparing for Survival Mode: Life with a Newborn
A guest post by Steph from Living Undone, this article talks about all the things parents can do prior to bringing baby home. As anxious parents can attest, any tip to make life easier now before baby comes can definitely come in handy.

As we wrap up 2013, I again want to say thank you for reading this blog. My goal remains the same as when I had started writing: to record and share everything I’m learning about being a mom, in the hopes that someone will find these words useful. I plan to continue writing into 2014, and likely in the many more years to come.

p.s. Here are the top 12 posts of 2012.

What parenting topics are you dealing with right now, and with what age range?

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