I’m one of those people where if you ask me, “What’s new?” I really wouldn’t have much to add… and I like it that way. I crave normalcy and am so glad to report mundane, regular happenings in my life. Yet 2013 came with its share of changes (or two) which I was more than glad to welcome. Take a look…

Taking Stock of 2013I was pregnant with twins.
The beginning of the year found me heavily pregnant with twins… and suffering from rashes. You know how one little bug bite can draw the madness out of you and have you scratching like crazy? Try that times, oh, about 500 all over your body, and that’s what I had with both of my pregnancy complications—PUPPPs and cholestasis. (By the way, if you know anyone suffering from either of these, send them my way and we will talk!)

But then…

The biggest highlight: My twins were born!
People were not kidding when they said the newborn days with twins was going to be difficult. I actually preferred being pregnant and scratching myself silly over the sleep deprivation of caring for two.

Thankfully, as with all things newborn, things improved, and by four months the twins were sleep-trained, giving me back my evenings.

I hired a nanny.
Hiring a nanny was a new experience but one so well worth it. After a diligent (albeit, short) search, we found “our” nanny—a kind, responsible, goes-above-and-beyond sort of lady that I’m so glad to have as our kids’ caregiver. My eldest likes her so much that he cried and was genuinely sad when she left for the day.

I went back to work.
After half a year out of the office, I went back to work around August with an early shift so that I could still pick up my preschooler in the afternoon. I’ve had to master the art of pumping at work and continue to juggle fitting all the day’s tasks within the seemingly short hours in a day.

My husband and I had a few date nights (and even vacationed with our eldest son).
With grandmas, siblings and a nanny, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy a night out without the kids. We attended our work holiday parties, and I even booked a nearby hotel stay for his birthday, allowing us the sheer privilege of sleeping in past 7am!

And during the holidays, we took our eldest son with us on a three-day road trip to the “snow” (in quotation marks because 80-degree Christmas weather doesn’t exactly make for piles and piles of the stuff) where we went sledding in Snow Valley and Lake Arrowhead.

I fit into my old clothes post-pregnancy (sort of).
Even four or five months post-partum, I still had people asking me when I was due. Who does that?! I would mumble something about just having had twins, even though I knew why they thought I was pregnant: I still had a belly bulge from having stretched out my stomach to its utmost limits.

Thankfully the last month before I had to go back to the office (where I can’t wear yoga pants), my body shrunk enough to squeeze into my old clothes. The flabs and folds that still won’t go away just hide behind flowy tops. Still, I’m 15 pounds heavier than before I had kids, so I could stand to exercise and eat healthier than I currently do.

I resumed old hobbies (and found new ones).
Considering my plight to get fit, I’ve gone back to an old hobby… dancing! Particularly, dance workout classes. I also have a “Just Dance” game on the Xbox for an in-home alternative. And while the first few months after the twins were born didn’t leave much time to read, I’m back to devouring books from the library. I’ve also been baking more than usual, even baking once a week with my preschooler when I was on maternity leave.

My eldest attended preschool.
My kiddo started preschool exactly at the beginning of 2013, and we couldn’t be happier. The adjustment was new, but he has thrived in this environment. He started off with three days a week before going for five days, six hours each when I went back to work.

I’ve been so impressed with what our son has accomplished in school. He can now read and write, add and subtract… Very proud mama here.

I was blessed with “easy” twins
Taking care of the twins is harder in the sense that there are two of them, but individually, they have calm, easy dispositions. Maybe we were high-strung as first-time parents, but I’m finding myself more relaxed this time around and simply enjoying and playing with them so much more.

We’re five years in.
I’m so glad to have been able to share all these experiences with my husband. We celebrated five years in 2013, and we’ve used the joys and challenges of raising our kids as an opportunity to grow even stronger together.


By this time next year, my eldest will have been five years old, the twins up and running, and me the big 3-5 (How did that happen?! Aren’t I only 27?). It’s amazing to see just how much can happen in a single year. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for us.

What were some big (or small) changes that happened to you this past year? Share in the comments below!

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