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One of the boards on the Sleeping Should Be Easy Pinterest account is a “crafts with kids” section, where I pin awesome activities I swear I’ll do with my toddler. Of course I always find some excuse: “But I don’t have tongue depressors handy… I lost the white crayon so now I can’t make the […]

“Let’s go to the beach!” I suggested to my toddler on a recent day off. The weather had finally started warming up, if even just to sit on the sand and hear the waves slapping back and forth. I packed up our blanket and toys, slathered on some sunscreen and headed out. But once I […]

For someone who lives in a city (in an apartment, at that) and who has yet to go camping for fear of the bathroom “amenities,” I still consider myself a nature enthusiast. I love being outdoors, whether to go on a beautiful hike, lie on the beach or even visit our local park. So it’s […]

My toddler has gone book-bonkers and spends a huge chunk of his day flipping through books. He likes to recite the lines, all the while tracing the words with his fingers as if he were really reading them. Or we’ll hear, “What’s that say?” as he points to lines in a book (of course asking […]

Yesterday my husband went out to get the groceries while my toddler and I stayed home since it was raining outside. I was freezing my butt off so I grabbed my husband’s hooded sweatshirt and pulled it on. LO looked at me curiously, probably wondering why in the world Mama was wearing Daddy’s sweatshirt. Still, […]