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My toddler was a late-talker, and, considering every possibility for this delay, I wondered whether his speaking more than one language was potentially hurting his verbal skills. “Bilingualism poses little to no problems with speech,” his pediatrician reassured me. “And should there even be a delay, it would only be by a month or so.” […]

When my little guy was a baby, we kept hearing from people, “Oh, he’s going to be an early talker, just listen to him babble!” And I proudly assumed the same until his 15-month appointment when his pediatrician asked the question that changed my mind: “How many words does he say?” “Umm…” I stammered. “Maybe […]

Yesterday my husband went out to get the groceries while my toddler and I stayed home since it was raining outside. I was freezing my butt off so I grabbed my husband’s hooded sweatshirt and pulled it on. LO looked at me curiously, probably wondering why in the world Mama was wearing Daddy’s sweatshirt. Still, […]

This morning, my toddler was reading the Spanish translation of How to Catch a Star. He started moving his finger under the words and reading them out loud in “Spanish.” Unfortunately the words weren’t real Spanish words, but in his mind I’m sure it was—he even said them with a Spanish accént-o! At two years […]