18 Popular Children’s Books Translated into Spanish


In an effort to instill a love and habit of reading, my husband and I asked our kids' nanny to read to them daily and often. Except... English isn't her first language—Spanish is. And while she did a great job interpreting and reading the English books stocked on our shelves, we wanted her to feel comfortable reading and expose our kids to Spanish. I also didn't want to hand her "My First Spanish Book" types which, while fantastic, left out a majority of classics and favorites. So instead, I searched for popular children's books—the ones we've read to our eldest for years now—and found … [Read more...]

Do Your Kids Speak a Second Language? Here are Surprising Benefits of Bilingualism.

The benefits of bilingualism in children

My toddler was a late-talker, and, considering every possibility for this delay, I wondered whether his speaking more than one language was potentially hurting his verbal skills. "Bilingualism poses little to no problems with speech," his pediatrician reassured me. "And should there even be a delay, it would only be by a month or so." I took her word for it and plunged ahead with his dual-language, eventually grateful that I did. My guest contributor today, Ana from Mommyhood: From the Heart agrees, and offers her own reasons why speaking to your child in more than one language can lead to … [Read more...]

How My Toddler Is Learning Different Languages

This morning, my toddler was reading the Spanish translation of How to Catch a Star. He started moving his finger under the words and reading them out loud in "Spanish." Unfortunately the words weren't real Spanish words, but in his mind I'm sure it was—he even said them with a Spanish accént-o! At two years old, my toddler speaks English and Tagalog and knows a lot of Spanish words. Even though my husband is Mexican and I'm Filipino, we're terrible resources for languages because we don't speak them often enough (and definitely not to each other). Instead, we rely on our families to expose … [Read more...]