50 Adorable Classic Girl Names (That Aren’t Too Popular)

Want a name that’s uncommon yet elegant for your little one? Check out these adorable classic girl names that aren’t too popular.

Adorable Classic Girl NamesExcited that you’re having a girl, but find yourself stumped about what to name her? Even if you know the “type” of name you’d like, settling on one or two can be daunting.

You love old-fashioned vintage names, but anything you like already seems popular these days. Despite searches on every name site on the internet, nothing seems to fit.

You want a cute name that’s elegant, not one that’s time-stamped and associated with a particular decade or era. Yet despite the allure of a classic name, many of the ones you’ve found still seem too “old” for a little girl.

What are a few classic baby girl names that still seem fresh or new?

Don’t worry—I’ve gathered 50 of the best names that meet your criteria. These are classic and timeless so you know they’ll stand the test of time. But they’re also adorable enough even for the tiniest baby or toddler.

Take a look at these names, along with their origins, meanings, and cute nicknames:

Abigail Hebrew the father’s joy Abby, Gail
Agatha Greek good
Alexandra Greek helper and defender of mankind Alex, Allie
Amelia German industrious, striving Amy, Mia, Minnie
Charlotte English feminine for Charles, which means “free man” Charlie, Lottie
French bright, clear, famous
Clara Latin bright, clear, famous
Clementine Latin merciful Clemmie, Cleo, Emmie
Diana Latin divine
Dora Greek gift
Eleanor English light Elle, Ella, Nellie
Elise Hebrew God is my oath
Elizabeth Hebrew God is my oath Liz, Eliza, Beth, Elsie
Eloise French battle maiden
Emily Latin rival Millie
Emma German whole, universal
Estelle Latin star
Evelyn Hebrew alive Eve, Evie
Faye English fairy
Flora Italian blooming
Freya Scandinavian noble woman
Grace English thanks
Hannah Hebrew favor, grace of God
Harper English someone who plays the harp
Harriet French home, power, ruler Hattie, Etta
Isabel Spanish consecrated to God Izzie, Belle
Iris Greek rainbow
Ivy English ivy plant
Jane English God is gracious
Josephine English God shall add Josie
Lena Greek torch
Louisa German famous in battle
Lily Latin lily plant
Lola Spanish strong woman
Lucy Latin light
Mabel Latin lovable
Miriam Hebrew rebellious, love Mimi
Nancy Hebrew grace
Natalie Latin the Lord’s birthday Nat, Nattie, Talia
Nora French honor, light
Olivia Latin olive tree Liv
Penelope Greek weaver Penny, Pippa
Ramona German advice, decision, protector Mona
Rosalie Latin rose Rosie
Rose Latin rose Rosie
Ruby Latin red
Sadie Hebrew woman of high rank, princess
Sophia Greek wisdom
Stella Greek star
Victoria Latin to conquer Ria, Vicky

Source of origins and meanings: Baby Center

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