Baby Stuff for Dads He Can Actually Use

Looking for baby stuff for dads he’ll actually use? Take a look at the new dad must haves and gadgets every father is sure to love.

Baby Stuff for DadsMy husband took one glance at the baby wrap I bought for us and looked at me like I’d lost my mind. He was on board with baby wearing, but he clearly had a preference for color, something he’d feel good wearing outside.

So, it was no surprise that when we had twins a few years later (and would need two wraps), he immediately ordered another one for himself—in black.

Just a few short decades ago, we didn’t expect dads to push strollers or change dirty diapers.

Thankfully, we’ve made a few strides, and dads these days are taking an active role in parenthood. From childcare to household duties to balancing work, dads have taken it upon themselves to be more present in their children’s lives.

Still, you can’t deny that many men would like baby stuff for dads they can use and appreciate. New dad gadgets that don’t seem like mom’s stuff passed on to them, but things they’ve chosen for themselves.

So, I came up with my top picks for baby items any new father is sure to love. While baby registry lists are chock full of items for moms and babies, you don’t always find baby registry items for dad.

Take a look at a few items dad would love:

1. Diaper backpack

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Your diaper bag will go everywhere with the new baby. Treat dad to one that’s catered to him, or one that’s unisex you can both use.

A backpack is ideal, since it distributes the weight evenly between your shoulders. But make sure to get a diaper backpack instead of a regular one. Many come with insulated pockets for milk, separate compartments for diapers and wipes, and a portable changing pad:

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2. Baby carrier

Taking the baby for a walk or even to calm him down to sleep is a fantastic way for dad to care for the little one. But a baby carrier or wrap he can wear out and about will make him feel and look more comfortable. Take a look at these baby carriers that make for favorite new dad gifts:

3. Baby books

I don’t know how many baby books my husband and I read before and during those early months with the baby (it was a lot). As a new parent, these were some of our favorites, from getting sleep to child development:

4. Jogging stroller

Does dad like to get exercise? A lightweight stroller would make one of the best baby gear to give, allowing him to take the baby out for a run:

5. Coffee travel mug

My husband, until now, will start his day with a cup of coffee. A travel coffee mug would make some of the best gifts after those sleepless nights:

6. Children’s books about dads

Reading continues to be one of our favorite activities to do with our kids, and it all started right at infancy. Even better: give dad a few children’s books about dads, whether as the perfect gift or just because. Here are a few favorites:

7. Hiking baby carrier

My family and I go hiking, especially now that we’ve moved closer to the mountains and trails. And I’ll always see a dad with a baby strapped to his back with these pretty cool hiking baby carriers.

As you might imagine, hiking with a regular wrap or carrier doesn’t do well for balance or baby’s safety. If dad is a hiking fan, these carriers are sure to make those outings safe and fun:

8. Team onesies

Is your partner a sports fan? Gift him with matching jerseys and onesies, featuring his favorite team! My husband would often buy onesies and kid-size jersey of Liverpool Football Club. You’re sure to find baby or children’s clothes from his favorite team.

9. Clothes

Celebrate your new addition with a cute “dad hoodie” or clever t-shirt graphic! Now dad can wear fatherhood with pride, whether at home or out and about. Check out these gift ideas:

10. Picture frame

Snap a photo of dad with the baby, and put it in a sweet picture frame he can keep nearby. Thoughtful gifts like this can be displayed on his office desk or a shelf at home.


We’ve come a long way from the days when dads wouldn’t be caught toting a diaper bag or taking part in childcare duties. Now we even have baby stuff for dads they can use and appreciate.

Baby wraps and hiking carriers allow them to take the little one out in style. A diaper backpack will make bringing baby’s items sleek and convenient. A jogging stroller makes for regular exercise, and even better if both of them are wearing matching team outfits.

Don’t forget a quality coffee travel mug to stay alert on the go. Baby books will give tons of information about sleep and child development. And encourage special bonding time with children’s books about dads.

So, go ahead and add these items to your registry list, or gift them to the dad in your life. And if your husband is anything like mine, make sure to get the baby carrier in black.

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