Black and White Baby Toys Your Newborn Can See

Did you know that newborns can see high-contrast colors best? Find the most-loved black and white baby toys for your little one here!

Black and White Baby ToysI had heard that a baby’s eyesight isn’t fully developed when he’s born. This makes sense since seeing isn’t exactly as important to his survival as, say, sucking or crying. And what is important for him to see—his mother’s breast to feed or her face to feel safe—are all within arm’s length.

That means that newborns can see strong contrasts best. And no two colors show a starker contrast than black and white.

I still remember setting my eldest down on a blanket in the living room where, without fail, he’d turn his face toward the blinds. I realized he was likely curious about the high-contrasting lines that the blinds and their shadows had cast.

That also explains why black and white baby toys are perfect for newborns to explore. They provide not only the different textures and sounds a toy typically does, but the visual stimulation you can only get from high-contrast patterns.

I found and listed several favorites below. From stuffed animals to squeakers, these toys are perfect for playtime:

Black and white baby toys

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Black, White & Red Activity 3D Playmat

Baby Gym playmat

Manhattan Toy Travel Mobile

Travel Mobile

Hanging Rattle Toys

Hanging Rattle Toys

Manhattan Toy Activity Mat

Activity Mat

Black, White & Red Jingle Ball

Jingle Ball

Genius Baby Toys Tag BlanketTag Blanket

stroller flashcards

Stroller Flash Cards

Black, White and Red Teddy Plush

Teddy Plush

High Contrast Floor Activity Mirror

Floor Activity Mirror

Peek-a-Boo Cloth Books

Peek-a-Boo Cloth Books

Manhattan Toy Activity Shapes

Activity Shapes

Genius Baby Toys Teether Pal

Teether Pal

Animal Alphabet Cards

Animal Alphabet Cards

Baby Safe Mirror

Baby Safe Mirror

Teytoy black and white baby book

Teytoy baby book

Black and white soft flash cards

Soft flash cards

Tiny Love stroller arch

Tiny Love stroller arch

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