You're expecting twins... Now what?

Learning you're expecting twins isn't always the easiest to manage.

You'd been planning for one baby and still can't seem to wrap your head around the fact that you're preparing for two. You wonder how you'll ever manage caring for two babies and cringe at the thought of the sleep deprivation that awaits. You worry how you'll afford everything, from child care to baby gear, and you're terrified of how in the world your body will carry twins.

All these worries have made you not as excited about having twins, and it doesn't help that everything seems to be happening so quickly.

I can relate.

I had just received news in my doctor’s office when she handed me a pamphlet. It contained information I was supposed to know, which boiled down to all the complications and everything terrible that could go wrong. I didn’t understand half the things in that pamphlet and felt more confused, worried and anxious than ever.

I wanted to rip that pamphlet to shreds.

You see, in that moment, I felt terrified about having twins. I didn’t want to hear about every complication I could potentially face the next several months.

Yes, it’s important to be informed, and complications do happen. But I was also anxious about this new stage, worried sick about everything and couldn’t bear the thought of any more negativity.

At the same time, I knew I needed to learn a thing or two about twins. This was new territory for me, after all. But I wanted to learn in a way that wouldn’t scare me even further or didn’t seem so dire.

I wish I had practical information to guide me through all the lingo and tell me exactly what I needed to do to get me through this pregnancy. I also wanted encouragement, someone to tell me it’ll be all right, that it may not be as bad as I was imagining it to be and that I can get through this.

Expecting Twins: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing and Caring for Newborn Twins

And so I created Expecting Twins: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing and Caring for Newborn Twins. This is the guide I wish I had read in my doctor’s office when I first learned the news, not that scary pamphlet. It’s what I would’ve told myself knowing what I know now.

Through the guidance you'll find in the book, the nerves and anxieties will make their way into confidence and preparation. All your "what if's" and "Can I really do this?" questions will be answered, from a realistic mom's experience (no scary lingo here). You'll feel better prepared to handle the costs, manage your emotions, and care for two babies.

And most importantly, you'll see the positive sides of having twins. No more worries about complications or doubts about whether you can do this. Now you can enjoy your pregnancy the way you always wanted to.

With the Expecting Twins Guide, you'll learn how to...

Survive a twin pregnancy

Learn the crucial tips to have a healthy twin pregnancy, discover the questions you need to ask your doctor and understand the different types of twin pregnancies

Prepare your family for life with twins

Find time to balance all your children's needs fairly, even with twins, foster a team mentality between you and your partner and determine the best ways for others to help once the twins arrive

Handle your finances

Gain effective tips to beat the high costs of raising twins, master the 4 financial strategies to prepare for twins and find the right child care for you and your family

Get the right items you need

Get a comprehensive cheat sheet of twin baby registry must-haves, discover the essentials you need after giving birth and stock up on household items before the twins arrive

Find a balance between twins and work

Get ready for maternity leave, manage the exhaustion of your pregnancy during work and learn when to stop working

Prepare for a twin delivery

Understand what labor is like delivering your twins, prepare your home for life with twins and learn what happens after the twins are born and how to survive a NICU stay

Care for twins at home

Establish the routines to make your days smoother, discover effective techniques to put your twins to sleep and find different ways to feed your babies, from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding to pumping

Manage your different emotions

Learn 4 effective steps to stop worrying and start being proactive, nurture a positive attitude, even when times are tough and get the mental pep talk to feel reassured and confident

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About the author

Nina Garcia is a mom of three boys and the parenting blogger behind Sleeping Should Be Easy. She has been helping parents for over seven years with parenting, family life, early education, being a working mom, and life with twins.

She also wrote Parenting with Purpose: How to Raise Well-Behaved Children and Build a Strong Parent-Child Relationship. The book went on to earn five stars on Amazon and continues to inspire readers to engage in mindful parenting.

In addition to her blog, Nina’s writing has been featured in other publications, including BlogHer, Scary Mommy, and The HerStories Project. She lives in Los Angeles.

Bonus 1:
The Expecting Twins Workbook

As a bonus, you'll also get my Expecting Twins Workbook! You'll have instant access to printables, checklists, cheat sheets and all those goodies on hand to prompt you to take action and stay organized.

At 60+ pages, the workbook includes information not in the guide as well as supplemental sheets to tie in to the chapters. Here are some of the worksheets you'll get:

  • Pregnancy To-Do List
  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  • Finding a Pediatrician
  • Discussion Topics and Game Plan
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Finding the Right Child Care
  • Twin Registry Must-Haves Cheat Sheet
  • How to Buy Maternity Clothes
  • Monthly and Weekly Planners
  • Frozen Meal Labels
  • Top Twin Advice from Fellow Twin Moms
  • Feeding and Diaper Tracker
  • and much more!

Bonus 2:
All About Twins Membership

You’ll get an All About Twins Membership when you buy the Expecting Twins Guide.

I didn’t know a whole lot of twin parents when I learned I was expecting twins. I always felt outnumbered by other “regular” singleton pregnancies. I couldn’t complain about the backache I was feeling because I was only 16 weeks along, and no one really got me when I said I was tired.

So I created a private Facebook group called All About Twins. These folks are fellow twin parents and range in their journey from those still pregnant to those whose twins are well beyond the infant stage. Membership is through invitation only.

I don’t want you to go through your twin pregnancy alone, or feel like you can’t ask me or other twin parents questions you may have. I created a community so you’ll always have a place to vent, ask, celebrate and talk all things twins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Expecting Twins Guide for?

I'll be the first to admit that the Expecting Twins Guide isn't for everyone. For one thing, it's a PDF ebook, which may not be the ideal reading experience for those who prefer physical books. An ebook however does allow me to keep the costs down and offer it at the best price.

I also don't think it's for every stage in a twin pregnancy. The guide starts with finding out you're expecting twins all through welcoming home. So if you're due any day now, you may only find the last few chapters helpful. Instead, the guide is geared towards those who just found out about their twins all through the second trimester.

And of course, I'm no doctor. The guide isn't meant to be taken as professional medical advice—that's what your doctor is for. But sometimes it's the non-doctor stuff you need to reassure your worries and anxieties. Instead, I wanted to hear from fellow twin moms who could share realistic, practical and supportive advice. The Expecting Twins Guide does just that.

How much does the Expecting Twins Guide cost?

You might be worried you won't get your money's worth, or that the content in the guide won't be anything you haven't already heard before. Plus, I still remember when I was trying to cut as many costs as possible, afraid I'd go broke with raising twins.

But here's the thing—the guide is written to help you feel better prepared to welcome your twins. Because trust me, it's not a good feeling to harbor worries and anxieties during a time when you should be excited about your pregnancy. Not only that, but I've dedicated a whole chapter of the guide on saving money with twins and cutting down costs with tips you may not have heard about.

While the guide covers so much information and should probably cost more than I've priced it for, I wanted to make sure it was affordable enough for anyone who is interested and willing to learn.

That's why the Expecting Twins Guide (including the bonuses!) is available for only $17.

I know all too well how overwhelming it can feel to hear the news of expecting twins and not know where to start. Through thorough research, life experience and practical, real-life advice, I'll help you prepare for your twins' arrival and feel more confident in the process. The Expecting Twins Guide and Workbook are filled with honest and actionable tips to guide you through your pregnancy and beyond.