A List of Old Fashioned Boy Names

Looking for classic, traditional baby names? Check out this list of old fashioned boy names that are ready for a comeback!

List of Old Fashioned Boy NamesChoosing a name for the baby starts off fun. You sort through name origins and try different first and middle name combinations. But after a while, you find yourself overthinking the entire thing.

“We still haven’t chosen a name!” you vent to your spouse.

After all, it doesn’t help when a name you love brings up unpleasant memories for your partner. Or when the first, middle, and last names end up spelling the worst initials. You might even love a name but hate the nickname.

And sometimes, you avoid names because your relatives might botch it up or say a completely different version of it.

That’s when having a list of old fashioned boy names comes in handy. Vintage names are timeless, not trending. In fact, a good way to tell if a name stands the test of time is to see if it’s been around for over 100 years.

So, what’s your criteria? Perhaps you’re looking for an obviously “boy” name that are easy to spell as well as pronounce. Maybe those with a cute nickname and aren’t too common.

I’ve gathered several favorites into this list of old fashioned boy names, perfect for you to choose from. Hopefully, you can find one that fits you and your little one:

A list of old fashioned boy names

Adam Hebrew “red earth”
Albert Anglo-Saxon “noble, bright” Al
Alfred Anglo-Saxon “counselor” Freddie
Allan Scottish “rock, handsome”
Amos Hebrew “to be troubled”
Andrew Greek “strong, manly, courageous” Andy
Archibald Anglo-Saxon “very bold” Archie
Atticus Greek “from Attica”
Barnaby English “son of consolation” Barnie
Basil Greek “royal”
Bartholomew Hebrew “hill, furrow” Bart
Benedict Latin “blessed” Benny
Cecil Latin “blind”
Charles German “man, strong” Charlie, Chuck
Clark French “scholar, scribe”
Clement French “merciful”
Clifford English “from a steep cliff or ford” Cliff
Conrad German “bold, wise counsel”
Daniel Hebrew “God is my judge” Dan, Danny
Edgar English “great spear man” Ed, Eddie
Elijah Hebrew “Yahweh is my God” Eli
Ernest Teutonic “earnest” Ernie
Ethan Hebrew “strong, safe, firm”
Felix Hebrew “happy”
Francis Latin “Frenchman” Frank, Frankie
Frederick Teutonic “peace, peaceful ruler” Freddie
Garrett Anglo-Saxon “powerful with the spear”
George Greek “tiller of the soil, farmer” Georgie
Gilbert Teutonic “trusted”
Harry Teutonic “army power”
Heath Anglo-Saxon “wasteland”
Henry German “ruler of the household”
Herman German “man of the army”
Isaac Hebrew “he will laugh”
James Hebrew “supplanter, one who follows” Jim
Jonah Hebrew “dove”
Joseph Hebrew “God shall add another son” Joe
Kenneth Gaelic “handsome” Ken
Lawrence Latin “laurel-crowned”
Leonard Teutonic “like a lion” Leo
Louis German “famous in battle” Louie
Lucas Latin “bringer of light” Luke
Marcus Latin “warlike” Mark
Mark Latin “warlike”
Marshall French “keeper of the horses”
Matthew Hebrew “gift from God” Matt
Michael Hebrew “who is like God” Mike
Miles Latin “soldier” Milo
Mitchell Hebrew “who is like God” Mitch
Morgan Welsh “sea-born”
Nelson English “son of Neil”
Nicholas Greek “victory of the people” Nick
Noah Hebrew “rest, comfort”
Oliver Latin “olive tree” Ollie
Oscar Scandinavian “divine strength”
Otis Greek “one who hears well”
Otto Teutonic “prosperous”
Patrick Latin “nobleman” Pat
Philip Greek “loving” Phil
Ralph Teutonic “wolf counselor”
Robert English “bright flame” Rob
Roman Latin “Roman citizen”
Russell French “red-haired”
Samuel Hebrew “name of God” Sam, Sammy
Sebastian Latin “venerable” Ian
Sherman Anglo-Saxon “sheerer, servant”
Spencer English “dispenser, keeper”
Terrence Latin “tender, gracious, good”
Theodore Greek “divine gift” Theo, Teddy
Thomas Hebrew “a twin” Tom
Timothy Greek “honoring God” Tim
Tristan Welsh “the loud one”
Victor Latin “conqueror, champion”
Vincent Latin “conqueror, victor” Vince, Vinnie
Walter German “powerful warrior” Walt
Wilbur German “trusted”
William German “strong-willed warrior” Will
Wyatt Old English “strong in war”

Source of meanings: Baby Center

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