Have you ever wondered why you can't get your kids to listen?

Why your kids literally ignore you and run off laughing? Why you have to say the same things over and over just to get a response? Why you need to raise your voice just to get them to stop doing something?

If this sounds familiar, rest assured, you’re not alone.

But as you’re likely realizing, the nagging, threatening with consequences, or shouting aren’t sustainable or enjoyable. Worse, this kind of interaction can damage your relationship.

Thankfully, you’re not stuck.

All you need are the right tools to get you back on track. These aren’t the typical tips you’ve heard and even tried—timeouts the kids don’t take seriously, taking privileges that don’t seem to faze them.

Introducing... How to Get Your Child to Listen (Without Raising Your Voice)

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to get your kids to listen without needing to lose your temper or raise your voice.

It’s the same tools that have helped me and thousands of other parents turn defiance and power struggles around.

Whether you’re looking for effective parenting tips or simply tired of the power struggles, this workshop will help you improve and strengthen your relationship with your child.

And if you’re like most parents, what you’re going to learn from this workshop is going to bust a lot of popular myths about parenting.

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Why typical parenting techniques haven't worked

You likely noticed that typical parenting techniques can “work.” Bribing with rewards, counting to three, putting them in timeouts—these all seem to get your kids to listen, especially in the beginning.

But after a while, those bribes lose their appeal. The kids still don’t listen even when you reach “two-and-a-half,” and they think timeout is one big joke.

Worse, you get angry and yell, because it feels like THAT’S the only thing that will finally get through to your child. But this only leaves you and your child feeling worse.

The truth is, parenting doesn’t have to be this tiring, especially all the time. When you find the right approach, getting your kids to listen—without raising your voice—really CAN be easy.

Imagine how much more you can enjoy your kids if you had fewer power struggles to begin with!

You CAN get your child to listen without raising your voice

You already know that getting kids to listen isn’t always the easiest task. We often feel compelled to “be mean” or raise our voices because that’s the only thing that seems to “work.”

You’re beyond frustrated and end up snapping out of nowhere. You dread the tantrums you just know will happen, or feel completely useless when your kids seem to walk all over you.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. You really CAN be firm and set boundaries, all while staying calm and being compassionate.

In this workshop, you’re going to learn how to get your kids to listen and keep your cool when they don’t.

Instead of hounding them to get ready in the morning or telling them “no” over and over, you’ll know exactly what to say, when to say it. You’ll communicate better with your kids to prevent and redue these power struggles in the first place.

But it won’t happen if you’re stuck with your old mindset that says you need to change your child’s behavior, or that discipline is all about making life easier.

Most parents spend far too much time thinking of the right “punishments.” They can stay calm, but only for a little bit.

But as you’ll learn in the workshop, getting kids to listen starts with us, the parents. We need to be aware of the mistakes we’re making that make it so much harder for kids to listen. We need better ways to communicate, from the words we use to finding the right timing to changing our tone of voice. And we need to work on our habits so we don’t react out of anger.

So what would happen if you focused more on how YOU behave, and really invested the time into developing these skills and habits? How would your life change?

Some of you reading this might think this sounds impossible, but if you’re still struggling to get your kids to listen, there’s probably a reason.

You see, that’s exactly what makes this workshop so powerful. It teaches you how to talk to your kids to get them to listen without having to lose your cool.

How? It’s actually very simple. Look for and correct the ways you’re contributing to the problem and learn how to prevent and handle the outbursts. Then, getting kids to listen becomes… easy.

Hi, I'm Nina Garcia


I’m the creator of the How to Get Your Child to Listen workshop. You likely know me from my parenting blog, Sleeping Should Be Easy, as well as my ebooks, courses, and newsletters.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve helped thousands of parents by using my own real-life experiences, teaching others how to enjoy parenthood.

But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, I started the blog to record my experiences as a first-time mom, from never-ending tantrums to managing a temper I never knew I had.

Then, through years of reading, researching, and being obsessed with everything to do with parenting, I applied these methods and mindsets that changed my relationship with my kids for the better.

I shared these tips on the blog, and parents began to rave about the results they were seeing after doing the same.

Now, after years of writing about parenting, I’ve created an easy-to-understand workshop that anyone can learn from.

Here's what parents are saying about Nina:

“Thank you Nina. I just want to say there aren’t many resources or people in my life right now that I feel can relate to my situation, but your resources make me feel so much less alone :). Thanks for all you do and for being a guiding light!” -Jessica Bianchi

“I need to thank you for all your great advice. My toddler’s teacher just told me this week how he’s been such a different kid! He listens, uses manners, and is so much kinder. Thank you for helping our family transition into a family of 4. My son is much more comfortable with the idea of sharing the attention I had solely for him.” -Tery-Ann Adams

“All that I can think to say is ‘Wow. You really do understand.’ You give out hope and inspiration in a day and age that seems dead set on casting a web of constant stress and feelings of inadequacy on moms everywhere! Truly, thank you for sacrificing your time to tend to the emotional needs of all of the parents who need advice, or even just need to hear that they are not alone in their struggles of doing the most important job anyone could ever have: parenting. God bless you Nina, for all the good that you do.” -Melissa A.

“Holy moly. I feel like I need to take you to dinner or something haha. Every. Single. Suggestion. Has worked! And trust me. I’ve tried them all. I cannot thank you enough for having relatable problems, being open about it and then having solutions that have helped me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -Sierra Guerin

When you join the workshop, you'll learn how to...

  • Find the right timing to give your child instructions
  • Change your tone of voice so your child doesn’t always feel threatened
  • Use words and phrases your child will respond to
  • Rely on a certain kind of praise instead of correcting and nagging
  • Set up your home for better listening
  • Stop reacting out of anger and start responding instead
  • Change the habits that have led you to losing your temper
  • And so, so much more!

These are the time-tested methods I’ve used in my own life and have seen my readers use with amazing results.


How it works...

Find and fix how you might be adding to your child not listening.

Learn how to talk to your kids that make them more likely to listen.

Get the tools to stay calm and break the habits that make you lose your temper.

One Effective Word to Get Kids to Listen

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

I know it can be nerve-wrecking to join a new workshop. What if it doesn’t fix your unique problems? What if it just tells you things you already know? Or what if you try everything and it still doesn’t work?

I’m confident this workshop has plenty to offer, whether you’re looking to refresh your parenting skills or are already at your wit’s end. But if you’re not convinced of the value found in the workshop, simply email me within 30 days of purchase for a quick and courteous refund.

Your simple solution is right here

I know it’s not every day you join an online parenting workshop. But when it comes to finding a way to get your kids to listen, there’s a simple way… and there’s a hard way.

You can spend years patching stuff together, learning through trial and error. But if you’re like most people, you just keep struggling, or worse, feel like a failure.

Then there’s the simple way. You could find someone who’s already been through this and has had years of teaching and helping other parents.

If you’re serious about finding a solution and enjoying parenthood as you’ve always wanted to, then How to Get Your Child to Listen is for you.

Still have questions? Here are your answers...

“What is the How to Get Your Child to Listen workshop?”

The workshop is a three-part online slide presentation in video format where you’ll discover exactly how to get your kids to listen once and for all. Yes, even if it feels like you’ve tried just about everything and still find yourself at your wit’s end.

I created the workshop based on my blog readers’ feedback about their most common and pressing problem.

“What age is the workshop for?”

The workshop is for parents of young children in the toddler to early elementary years. And it’s a fantastic resource whether you have “easy” days with your child and want to keep it that way, or if you’re exhausted with your child’s behavior.

Even if your child is a young toddler (say, around 1.5-years-old), the workshop is still valuable. The workshop covers how we as parents and caregivers can change how we behave, communicate, and even perceive parenthood and children. And of course, the workshop is yours forever, so you can always revisit it down the line when you feel like you could use it more.

“Is the workshop a live, physical event? When is it being held?”

Anytime you want! How to Get Your Child to Listen is an online video workshop that’s delivered on demand. Because it’s online, you can join no matter where you live and take the workshop at your own pace and leisure. Get the lessons with your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The workshop runs at one hour and 20 minutes. You can pause at any time, and the workshop will resume right where you left off.

“What’s included in the workshop?”

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to all three sessions of the workshop. You can watch on any device, and it includes PDFs of the slides you can download as well. The videos and PDFs are housed in one convenient website. You’ll also get a bonus workbook to print and fill out as you go through the workshop.

“Is there a time limit as to when I need to finish the workshop? Will it expire after a certain time?”

No, there isn’t a time limit or expiration date. You’ll always have access to the workshop and finish it at your own pace.

“How is this workshop different from other resources online?”

I’ve put virtually everything I know about how to get kids to listen into this workshop, in ways online articles, including my own blog, have not been able to. This comes from 10 years of writing about parenting and seeing results from my own experience and those of the many parents I’ve helped. While this topic is a popular one, I find that it really depends on who teaches the material and whether you resonate with the instructor for the information to sink in.

“What if I don’t like the workshop?”

The workshop has a 30-day money back guarantee. Take 30 days to go through the workshop and do the lessons. If you aren’t blown away by what you learn, you will get a refund, no questions asked. I truly want you to feel comfortable making this purchase.

“Do I get access to the entire workshop when I enroll?”

Yes, you’ll get all three sessions of the workshop as well as the downloadable PDF slides and workbook.

Have more questions?

Email me at [email protected] with your questions!

You’re at the point of making a decision. You can either continue down the path you’ve always taken, or you can choose a new way to get your child to listen. Now, doing the same thing will probably get you the same results.

But… if you want something different to happen—if you want to change the way you talk to your child—you’re going to have to do something different. Make that new choice and join the workshop, and finally see the change you’ve always wanted.

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