How to Cope when You’re Struggling with Twins

Are you struggling with twins and feeling isolated and alone? Learn why it can be hard raising twins, how to cope, and get the encouragement you need to hang in there.

Struggling with TwinsIf you’re like my husband, you were ecstatic to hear that you were expecting twins. Double the love, right? But if you’re like me, raising twins wasn’t exactly your plan.

You recognized early on that baby twins meant double the sleep deprivation. That you can’t carry a crying baby from your stroller and push it along so the other can keep sleeping. Maybe you’re juggling between putting one baby to sleep in the swing while holding the other in a baby wrap.

You may have even found yourself jealous of other parents who only have one baby. And if you have an older child, you feel ridiculous for ever having thought that one baby was hard.

Sometimes you’ll meet other parents of twins who can’t seem to get enough of their double blessing. This just makes you feel worse when you don’t exactly share the same sentiment.

You feel a hint of guilt when other couples struggle to conceive even one baby, or when you hear about children who aren’t in the best of health.

“Shouldn’t I be grateful for my healthy babies?” you might ask.

How to cope when you’re struggling with twins

Yes, you should. But it’s also okay to admit that you’re struggling with twins.

Because raising two babies is harder than raising one. You won’t always love each moment, and that’s okay. You might only have a few positive moments compared to the demands of caring for newborn twins.

You worry about situations only parents of multiples deal with (“How do I feed two babies at the same time?” or “What do I do when I’m putting one baby to sleep while the other is crying?”). Learning how to cope with twins alone or even with another adult is a challenge for any mom.

And so, I say to parents struggling with twins: You are not alone.

Not everyone loves being a twin parent from the start. You might not know exactly what to do, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom or that you love your kids any less. It’s just hard work, and it’s okay to have bad parenting days.

Hopefully, this article will reassure you that you’re not alone, as this parent did:

“I’m sitting here with baby A on my chest and baby B next to me silently crying as I found this article while desperately looking for reassurance that I’m not alone. I’m very happy I found this article. Being a new mom is hard. Being a new mom with twins? I’m struggling.” -Tired twin mama

So, what can you do when you’re in the middle of struggling with twins?

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1. Think about how much stronger you are

On your worst days, think about how much stronger you are—how far you’ve come, and all you’ve gone through. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can do, from taking care of the twins alone to getting them on the same schedule.

It’s not easy doing everything twice, from changing diapers to loading them in the car seats. Or dividing your attention between two babies, especially when you’re on solo duty. Taking twins out is a challenge, from a simple stroll around the block to an errand out of the house.

But each time you go through that one hardship, you add another “That was hard, but I got through it!” moment in your back pocket. The more you get through, the stronger you become and the easier it gets.

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2. Caring for twins gets easier with time

With age comes the independence that will free you up bit by bit. You won’t always nurse or prepare bottles, and toddler twins will sit up unassisted in the bath. At some point, you can leave the two of them playing on their own while you cook in the kitchen nearby.

Compared to the crazy first year, taking care of twins gets much easier down the line. And while more challenges are bound to happen with age (tantrums and potty training come to mind!), older kids are simply more independent and less reliant on you.

Now that my twin boys are older, I can say with certainty that those first few weeks and months will absolutely get better.

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3. Accept the season you’re in

Perhaps the best thing to do is accept the season you’re in. I found myself feeling more stressed when I wanted to rush to the next stage, when I’d hope life would be easier. But all that hoping and rushing only led me to feel resentful of my current situation.

Instead, learn to let it go and accept that yes, it’s hard… for now. These challenges are temporary, and life won’t always be like this.

So yes, it’s okay that the dishes are piled in the sink, and revolving your day around four naps is a temporary hassle. You’re not making a miserable moment perfect, but accepting your circumstances as temporary.


Somehow, we all get through the exhausting challenges of raising twins. Despite the daunting task ahead of us, we come out of it intact and often, better than before.

It starts with thinking how much stronger you are—how much more you can do that you might not give yourself credit for. Remember that taking care of twins gets much easier with time, especially as they grow more independent.

And finally, remind yourself that this is the season you’re in. It’s not about rushing through your days so life feels normal again, but accepting that these hardships are temporary.

No matter what, you are not alone, twin mama. And that yes, be grateful for your double blessing, but know that you’re not a bad mom when you find yourself struggling with twins.

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  1. This is a wonderful post! If i would have found this a few months ago it would have gave me some peace of mind in times of break down. The first few months with twin boys was super frustrating. There were some days i even just broke down crying from the stress, my twins also had tons of gas pain and tummy issues, but regardless, its HARD. They are 7 months and it has gotten easier, still a task though! Thank you so much for this! This is really going to help a frustrated and fried twin mama!

    1. Tired Twin Mama says:

      I’m sitting here with baby A on my chest and baby B next to me silently crying as I found this article while desperately looking for reassurance that I’m not alone.

      I’m very happy I found this article. Being a new mom is hard. Being a new mom with twins? I’m struggling.

  2. Thanks so much, Hayley! Seven months was still a challenge for me, though by that time my twins were at least putting themselves to sleep through the night. Before that, it was madness like you said! Having truly is hard, and I hope any mom struggling with twins can feel rest assured that she’s definitely not alone.

  3. My twins sleep pretty well but one of them consistently regresses and wants to wake early in the morning (5:30 am instead of their usual 6:30). I don’t know how do hat to do; if I go to him even just to shush him he wants to get up and play but if I leave him to self soothe he wakes his sibling… help?

    1. Nina Garcia says:

      Hi Candice! One option is to do timed check-ins so that you’re going in there every 15 minutes or so until the official wake up time. That way, he knows that it’s still time to sleep and that you’re not coming in to get him up. Another option is to maybe separate them while you help him sleep through the morning. For instance, put the sleeper twin in another room so he can sleep til 6:30, and the one who wakes at 5:30 can stay in their room. Once he’s able to sleep to 6:30 again, you can reunite them in their room.

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