25 Fun Outdoor Activities for 3 Year Olds

Looking for outdoor activities for 3 year olds? Check out these fun ideas for your next outing with your child!

Outdoor Activities for 3 Year OldsFor someone who has yet to go camping for fear of the bathroom “amenities,” I still love the outdoors. Even living in an apartment didn’t stop me from finding outdoor activities in our city, from going to the beach to walking to our local park. Now that we’ve moved and are surrounded by hiking trails (not to mention a backyard), being outdoors has become easier.

I want my kids to get at least an hour a day of outdoor time. And by “outdoors,” I don’t always mean an all-day trek—a walk around the block is enough.

At the same time, it’s all too easy to get tired of doing the same things, which can make you less inclined to get outside. Sometimes all you need is a list of activities on hand to refer to, ideas both old and new.

That’s why I’ve listed several of the best outdoor activities to inspire a few ideas for you and your 3 year old. These range from a simple walk around the block to adventures you’d likely need to plan for. Some are also available year-round, while others are seasonal. Let’s take a look:

Activities near your home

Let’s start with activities you can do near your home:

1. Play with a sandbox or water table

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Whether it’s with sand, water, or dried rice, kids love to explore with their senses. A sandbox or water table in your backyard can keep your 3 year old entertained and happy.

To make this even more fun, add a few props. Shovels and toy trucks are fantastic with sand, dried rice, or beans, while boats and balls that float work well with water.

Don’t have a table? A simple bucket of water with toys to “wash” can be all the fun she needs (always supervise around water!).

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2. Collect and forage

At certain times of the year, the huge pine trees in our neighborhood would drop the tiniest pine cones. My eldest and I would then head to the park and make a game of finding these baby pine cones.

What little things can your 3 year old find in your yard or nearby park? A few ideas include leaves, stones, sticks—anything plentiful he can forage and collect.

3. Write or draw with sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a hit with my kids, even now that they’re older. The best part is you can write with chalk just about anywhere, from the driveway and sidewalk to the concrete paths in the park.

4. Walk around the block

Kids are curious about everyday sights, so take advantage of simple activities like walking around the block. Some of the things my boys enjoyed during our walks:

  • Pushing sprinklers back down that were still sticking up
  • Finding and counting lights and lamp posts (during evening walks)
  • Climbing up and down stairs at neighboring apartment buildings
  • Jumping over the lines of the sidewalk
  • Exploring tiny bugs, snails, and worms
  • Splashing in the puddles (perfect for post-rainy days)

It’s these little things that we often overlook but drive their curiosity and imagination.

5. Ride a scooter or tricycle

It’s not too early to show your 3 year old how to ride scooters or bikes. Several scooters have three wheels, like a tricycle, for extra support.

6. Plant seeds

Planting seeds in a garden is a fantastic way to get your child outdoors and to learn about the plant life cycle.

Start with easy-to-hold seeds like green beans, which also sprout quickly. Don’t have a backyard? Twelve-inch pots work well (just check the seed packet to make sure the variety can grow in containers). Check your local garden store for a great selection of seeds.

Vegetable Garden for Kids

7. Play catch

Your 3 year old may not be able to catch a small baseball in a glove just yet, but you can practice throwing and catching a large rubber handball. Throw or even kick the ball to each other—with the wide space of the outdoors, you don’t have to worry about knocking things down, either.

8. Bring toys outdoors

Can’t peel your child away from his toy dinosaurs or Lego sets? Bring them outdoors! Outdoor play in your backyard, patio, or even the front of your building can make the same toys even more fun. Bring out hula hoops, go on treasure hunts for small toys, and do crafts and art projects on a patio table.

Check out my top picks of toys for preschoolers.

9. Play T-ball

One of my sons loves baseball and can swing a bat like no other. This is a perfect excuse to head outdoors and practice a few of his swings. Even if your little one can’t hit a ball that’s pitched to him, a T-ball set gives him the chance to swing a bat and practice hitting the ball.

10. Do outdoor chores

One of the reasons parents feel strapped for time is that we don’t include our kids in chores often enough. Makes sense, especially when getting them to “help” usually means the task drags twice as long as it needed to.

But when you think of the chore as an activity, then you’re combining the two. Start showing your child how to do simple, outdoor chores. He can rake leaves, sweep the patio deck, rearrange small pots of plants, water the bushes… anything to get him involved and outdoors.

The best part? He learns he’s a contributing part of the family and feels competent and sure of himself.

11. Blow bubbles

Blowing bubbles is one of those activities that grows with kids. It doesn’t matter how old they are, they can still like either blowing the bubbles or trying to pop them.

And since bubbles can get messy, this activity is a perfect excuse to head outdoors. A few favorites include bubble machines, single bottles, and jumbo bubble sticks.

12. Kick a soccer ball

Does your little one like to kick balls? Grab a soccer ball and goal post and head outdoors for a fun game! Show him how to aim the ball toward the net, or have him practice blocking the balls you try to kick in the goal.

13. Explore local playgrounds

Our local playground is our go-to park, but to add variety, we also visit others in the city. Each playground is different!

For instance, one has a water and sand table, complete with a faucet to turn on and off. Another has a pulley with a bucket you’d raise a treehouse-like structure. This is also a fun way for them to socialize and play with other kids.

14. Walk to school

Do you live near your child’s preschool (or older child’s elementary school)? One way to make sure he gets enough outdoor time is to walk to school. You might do this every day, every week, or even once a month.

Activities farther away from home

Now let’s check out a few outdoor activities for 3 year olds that are a bit farther from your home:

15. Run on a nearby school track

Do you have nearby high schools or college campuses? Many have running tracks available to the public. This is a unique way to encourage your 3 year old to run or even walk around the track. Plus, he can count the number of lanes or laps you run or walk.

16. Attend local festivals

Festivals are a fantastic way to spend time outdoors. Check your city’s website for local events that gather communities and celebrate cultures.

I’ve taken my kids to festivals that celebrate Mexican, Filipino, Italian, and French cultures among many others. Other festivals gather their local communities, like your town’s annual fiesta or Easter Egg hunt.

Our city hosts summer cultural nights where they feature performances and booths from a country or culture each month. The kids get to watch dances and participate in arts and crafts outdoors. They also host a cowboy festival as well as a vegan festival.

17. Shop at a farmers’ market

Skip the grocery and buy your fruits and vegetables (among other things) at a nearby farmers’ market. Many markets even have performers like musicians or balloon-makers. But going to pick out items to take home can be a great way to get fresh air. Older kids can even help pay for purchases.

18. Visit a botanical garden

Search nearby for botanic gardens so that your 3 year old can learn about nature. While many wouldn’t have you romping through the grounds, they still allow plenty of hands-on experiences.

Some even have hikes to climb, ponds to observe, or a children’s area that encourages little ones to explore.

19. Visit an open-air museum

Many museums incorporate open spaces into their architecture. They might have gardens, outdoor sculptures, fountains, and other sights that can keep your 3 year old outside.

Seasonal activities

And finally, let’s explore seasonal outdoor activities for 3 year olds. While some of these can be available year-round, more than likely, they’re best reserved for their optimal season:

20. Have a picnic

Welcome the warmer weather with a picnic at the park. You can go “all out” with a full meal (sandwiches, juice, fruits, cookies). Or you can keep things simple by bringing whatever snack or meal you were going to eat at home outdoors.

21. Swim in a pool

Whether the pool in your backyard or the local YMCA, swimming is a fun outdoor activity during the hot summer months. My boys learned how to swim because we go to the pool so often during the summer.

Kickboards, squirters, and noodles are fun items to bring. And get in the mood with these children’s books about swimming.

22. Pick fruits at a farm

One of our favorite summer activities is driving to a family-friendly farm. Besides the fun activities (including feeding the animals!), the kids also get to pick strawberries. This is perfect for 3 year olds since strawberries grow on the ground and are easily reached.

23. Go to the beach

Live near the ocean? Take the family for a fun beach outing! Bring beach toys to dig and build with and food to eat and snack on. Your child will love splashing in the water, sifting through sand, and enjoying the ocean breeze.

Check out these children’s books about the beach.

24. Attend summer plays and concerts

Performances can offer amazing entertainment. Search online for local theater groups—many offer free summer plays especially for little kids. You can even combine the show with a delicious picnic on a blanket. Some cities also host summer music shows that feature local bands.

25. Visit a pumpkin patch

If you’re lucky, you live near a pumpkin patch that not only allows you to choose a pumpkin, but to run through corn mazes, ride ponies, or paint their faces.


Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to explore the outdoors with your 3 year old. I know it reminds me of the many options I have with my kids and how they can have so much fun outside. And who knows, maybe one day they can convince me to go camping, bathroom amenities or not.

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