I'd love to share some of my best material with you. This ebook is chock-full of practical tips and advice on how to feel less overwhelmed and better manage your time.

Dealing with your child's behavior can be difficult, especially when you feel like you've tried every tactic with no success. Regardless of where you are in your relationship with your child, trying to parent calmly and with intention is challenging for anyone.

In this practical, eye-opening and action-oriented book, Nina Garcia explains how to use connection to raise well-behaved kids and strengthen your parent-child relationship.

You’ll learn:
  • How to diffuse and prevent tantrums and outbursts
  • How to better communicate with your child
  • Practical advice on structuring your day around routines
  • The secret to starting your day off right with your child
  • How to parent calmly and not lose your temper
  • And so much more…

Parenting with Purpose is for parents who wants to raise their child with intention and mindfulness. Don’t waste another day struggling with meltdowns and standoffs… parent with purpose and build a solid relationship with your child.

"Let's face it—parenting is hard work! It's easy to feel like we are failing sometimes, especially when our kids act out, but Nina's book offers solid advice and practical solutions for the parents of young children—simple ideas that can be implemented right now. It is the guide I wish I would have had during those exhausting toddler and preschool years!" -Ruth Soukup, New York Times bestselling author of Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life

"I love Nina's book, Parenting with Purpose. It teaches parents how to handle the struggles that come with raising kids in a way that will have the best outcome, with intention and purpose. She gives you advice you can use on a daily basis and how to best handle situations so you can ENJOY your time spent with your kids. This book is wonderful if you struggle with your child's behavior, but at the same time, it is also for any parent who wants to have an amazing bond with her child that will continue to strengthen over the years." -Becky Mansfield, Your Modern Family

"Parenting with Purpose starts with building relationships, guides parents through respectful interactions and wraps up with action steps that parents can put into effect right away. Nina has a fantastic calm and understanding way of reminding us that purposeful parenting isn't perfect parenting. This is a must read!"
-Jill Riley, A Mom with a Lesson Plan

"Parenting with Purpose is like the answer to every modern day parent’s prayers! Nina is a treasure chest full of wonderful parenting advice. Her book includes tactics on communicating with your child and preventing/diffusing tantrums."
-Allison Lindstrom, Frugal on the Prairie

"You know when you find something really great, and you just want to share it with everyone? That’s exactly how I felt reading Parenting with Purpose. Nina's wonderful book had me nodding in agreement the whole way through."
-Emily Rooney, My Love for Words

"As with her blog, Nina writes very much from a gentle parenting perspective, putting the needs of your child first and reminding us of the actual definition of discipline and how building stronger connections sits at the heart of this."
-Rachael Blair, Mothering Mushroom

Nina Garcia is a mom to three young boys, including twins. She started her blog, sleeping should be easy, to record everything she was learning about being a mom. parenting with purpose is a result of many of the parenting principles she learned. she lives in los angeles.
Parenting with Purpose

How to Raise Well-Behaved Children and Build a Strong Parent-Child Relationship

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