7 Qualities of a Good Father and Husband

Being an amazing dad is more than providing for the family. See the qualities of a good father and husband and see which character traits matter most.

Qualities of a Good Father and HusbandGood dads are all around us, don’t you think?

Amazing dads who wake up in the middle of the night to change diapers, just so we can have a few more minutes to keep sleeping. Fathers who end a long work day still eager to play chase, even if it means postponing dinner for a bit.

I’m grateful my kids have a great dad, and I know I’m not alone. Many of us have no idea how we’d get through parenthood without the partners we have in our lives. I remember a time when my husband traveled for work and I was alone with the kids—this made me realize how much I relied on him.

(And he was only gone for five days!)

The thing is, amid all the madness of having kids, it’s easy to overlook how fortunate we are to have these guys by our side. In fact, relationships are often the first to be neglected, or becomes the source of frustration.

That’s why I wanted to list these many qualities, so we can remember how good we have it. No dad is perfect—just as no mom is—but I’m willing to bet that your guy has many if not all these qualities:

1. Goes above and beyond for his family

Have you seen that commercial of the father dancing in front of his house, practicing cheerleader moves with his little girl? Or the illustration of a dad sleeping on the edge of the bed because his child had taken over 90% of it?

Dads already struggle with a heavy stigma in fatherhood, one that says they lose a bit of their manhood when they so much as nurture their kids.

Yet here are dads willing to dress up like Elsa so their daughters could be Anna, or those who stay up all night to learn how to soothe the baby so we can rest.

One of the best qualities of a good father and husband is going above and beyond for his family, not because he has to, but because he wants to. Even better: he becomes a role model for your kids on how a father should be.

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2. Considerate

Good dads are considerate of their partners and kids.

Being a good dad doesn’t mean putting his needs last all the time or sacrificing his own joy and interests. Yes, he thinks of his needs and wants (“I want to watch soccer on the TV”), but is aware of what would make you and the kids happy as well.

He’s the dad who encourages you to take up a past hobby and will schedule it in his own calendar so he can be with the kids. He imagines what it’s like to be in your shoes so he can better understand what you’re going through.

Considerate fathers take to heart what their families feel and do what they can to support them in a positive way.

3. Takes initiative

A happy home means both parents take initiative, whether running the household or caring for the kids. One of the best qualities of a good father and husband is the inclination to take initiative—to “just do it” because it needs to get done.

Because no one likes to nag a fellow parent about spending time with the kids, or doing his part at home. These activities are second-nature to a good dad who decides to take them on himself, without hesitation or grudge.

4. Tries… and keeps trying

Good dads don’t give up, especially when it comes to developing a strong relationship with their kids. It’s too easy to try something—for instance, to soothe a baby or discipline a toddler—only to retreat when it didn’t work.

But a good dad sticks with it. He keeps soothing the baby, even when handing her over to you would do the trick in a second. After all, how else will he learn what the baby likes if he gives up the first time? How else will the baby feel comfortable in his arms when she’s hardly with him?

Good dads know that this is part of the role he signed up for. He doesn’t hand all the responsibilities to someone else, but willingly takes on as much as you.

Toddler doesn't want daddy

5. Involved

We sometimes complain that dads aren’t as involved with the kids as we are. At the same time, it’s also important for us not to treat dads as the “assistant,” someone we delegate tasks to while we run the show.

Because dads aren’t babysitters—they’re co-parents who should be as involved.

Involved dads know as much about their kids as we do. They know which toy the baby likes best on a stroller ride and what projects the kids are doing at school. They schedule days off to attend games and science fairs and take turns bringing the kids to the doctor. And they wake up for night feeds to feed or change the baby’s diaper.

Why Dads Should Wake Up for Night Feeds

6. Grateful

We all want to feel acknowledged and appreciated, especially in the thick of the challenges of parenthood.

Amazing dads are more than grateful for all we do and for the role we play in our partnerships and family life. Small gestures like a hug and a “thank you,” to bigger ones like taking you to the movies, are some of the ways fathers show gratitude for their partners.

Gratitude also extends into knowing how truly blessed and abundant their lives are. They’re grateful for the people in their lives and are quick to see the positive in every situation.

7. Loving

Ask any mom what sets her spouse apart from the pack, and many will point to the love and affection he has for his family.

Of the qualities of a good father and husband, love by far rises above them all. Amazing dads love us with everything they have, and it spills out in all they say and do for us.

They enjoy playing with the kids and will find creative ways to have fun. But they’ll also sit through the tantrums, even when they test their patience, knowing that that’s what their kids need from them at this moment.

Good dads don’t pay lip service and “know” they love their family—they show it in meaningful ways, every day.

dad and his daughter


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As you can see, there are many qualities we can be grateful for. It’s easy to overlook how fortunate we are to have these guys, especially when life feels hectic and we’re consumed with the day-to-day tasks.

But good dads are all around us. They’re the ones who go above and beyond for their families and are considerate of how other people feel or what they might need. They take initiative, and don’t give up even if something doesn’t work out on the first try.

Good dads are involved in family life and regularly show their gratitude. And most important, they love us with everything they have—even in the smallest of gestures like changing a diaper in the middle of the night.

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