How to Sleep Train Twins

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Yes, your twins CAN fall asleep on their own, without rocking, feeding, swaddling or pacifiers

You’re sleep-deprived, in ways you never imagined. Putting one child to sleep is hard enough, much less two babies or toddlers who wake up at random times throughout the night, whose pacifiers fall out and need to be put back in a million times, and whom you need to rock, nurse, or hold to get them to fall back asleep several times every night.

But guess what: it IS possible to put your twins down and know they can fall asleep on their own within a few minutes. No more…

  • Rocking, nursing, or feeding to deep sleep, hoping they don’t wake up in the process.
  • Pacifiers to put back into their mouths throughout the night.
  • Swaddles that keep getting undone (and that they’re fast outgrowing anyway).
  • Co-sleeping, or swings and bassinets that are getting far too small for them.

Your twins really CAN put themselves to sleep and go 11-12 hours straight without waking up once. How to Sleep Train Twins can show you how…

“Just applied your ideas on sleep training less than 24 hours ago and my 12 month old twin girls were in bed from 8:45pm until 6:45am!

Before sleep training, we were sleepless and didn’t realize how freeing it was to help our daughters learn their sleep lessons on their own in their cribs in their own nursery—rather than squished into our queen bed with nobody sleeping well anymore!

I was able to watch a full episode of a show, read more than a page of a book, have a whole cup of HOT tea and hang out with my partner in the evening.

So thankful for your support and excited to be a member of this caring community. It is life changing.” -Stacey Snyder

Help your twins sleep 11-12 hours at night without waking up once

It’s easy to feel hopeful about our kids’ sleep.

Maybe we figure they’ll eventually learn to fall asleep on their own. That they’ll somehow sleep through the night without waking up once, or that they’ll rely less on us to put them to sleep.

But unfortunately, for many of us, this magic turning point doesn’t happen on its own. I’ve learned that the longer we maintain the sleep habits we’ve been doing, the more our twins grow to rely on them to sleep. After all, this is all they’ve ever known.

And with twins, the harsh reality is even made worse with not one, but TWO children to deal with.

Maybe you need to get up multiple times a night to feed just to put your twins back to sleep. Naps are a nightmare, especially when it takes forever just to get them down (only for them to wake up a few minutes later).

And you’ve likely realized that your twins are fast outgrowing the swing, the stroller, the baby wrap, or the swaddle (and that they’re starting to be less effective).

Or maybe you have toddler twins and have weathered months (if not years) of sleep deprivation, clinging to the hope that they’ll eventually sleep well on their own.

Except now that your twins are older, they’re climbing out of their cribs, sneaking into your bed, or opening the door to their bedroom and refusing to stay in bed.

You’re running out of ideas, and it can feel scary.

Thankfully, you have a solution.


“I bought your ebook and I must say it revolutionised my life. Within 6 nights of applying your techniques, my 7-month-old twins were night weaned and sleeping through. Their sleep has been great ever since (7-7am). I’ve recommended your site to a number of friends and colleagues struggling with sleep.” -Suzanne Ellahi

Hi, I'm Nina


You may already be aware that I’ve helped thousands of twin parents just like you get the sleep you need. But I’m also a fellow twin mom who knows exactly how it is to feel stuck in an endless cycle of putting your babies to sleep.

My twins kept the whole family up at night, disrupting everyone’s sleep. Rocking or nursing to sleep was exhausting, and I knew this wasn’t a sustainable pattern to continue.

That’s TWO kids who wake up throughout the night, need to feed or rock to fall asleep, and take forever to take a nap (only to wake up a few minutes after you’d just put them down).

I know what it’s like to wonder if it’ll ever get better, to want to enjoy your time with your twins only to find you have no energy to do so.

I had an older son whom I sleep trained when he was a baby, but I needed a system that worked specifically with twins. I was dealing with two babies with different patterns and sleeping aids. And so I modified the sleep training method I had used for my singleton to accommodate twins. After just a week, both boys were sleeping 12 hours straight (from 7pm to 7am) without waking up once.

I honestly didn’t know if my twins could sleep through the night at first, but I’m here to show you that it is. How to Sleep Train Twins shares the exact steps that I and thousands of other twin parents who’ve read it were able to do as well. No fluff, no extra stuff, just the exact steps and information you need.

I always say that the turning point—the point where my life began to feel normal again—was when my babies were able to put themselves to sleep for a solid 11-12 hours straight.

I was able to be the happy mom I always wanted to be, and you can, too. 

“Before sleep training, my life felt so tiring and unorganised. Since then, the twins go to sleep at the same time, I don’t rock them anymore, they sleep better through the night and I have more sleep too! During the day, I have more time for cooking, cleaning and resting. I just want to say THANK YOU!” -Marlena Szczupal

What you'll learn in How to Sleep Train Twins


Confused with all the sleep training books you’ve read? How to Sleep Train Twins guides you through the exact process, even with twins in the same room. 


Learn how to gradually reduce and drop night feedings. Your twins can learn to consume their calories during the day and sleep through the night.


Discover the techniques to sleep train twins for naps. You’ll get the when, where, and how of doing it successfully.


Successful sleep training relies on preparation. You’ll discover the items you’ll need to make sure sleep training goes smoothly. You’ll also get a printable sleep tracker to record your progress.

“Hi Nina, I’m so excited I just wanted to thank you personally. Last week I sent you an email telling you I was skeptical to begin your program but I purchased your material anyway. I started sleep training on Monday and I’m happy to report that my twin girls are doing such an awesome job, I’m amazed! As I said I’m excited and grateful. Thank you again.” -Judi Thomson-Khan

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“My husband and I bought the book, were able to read and understand it in one day, and were ready to start the training. We left the twin already sleeping through the night in the nursery as usual and she slept through the whole process. Our other twin was sleeping/staying in her crib through the night within about 3 days. They basically sleep from 7pm-7am.

I also feel like both my girls are much happier being able to put themselves to sleep on their own. So not only are mommy and daddy happier but the kids are too. I highly recommend this book. It is an easy and quick read and a must for parents of multiples.” -Debbie Float

Frequently asked questions about How to Sleep Train Twins

How old do my twins need to be to sleep train?

Consult with your twins’ pediatrician if they’re ready to sleep train and sleep through the night. Each child has his or her unique circumstances that may be different from others. I sleep-trained my twins when they were four-months-old. If you’re wondering if your twins are too young, I’d err on waiting.

Can I sleep train my twins even if they share a room?

Yes, and in fact, I focus more on twins sharing a room because my twins shared a room when I sleep trained them. Your twins can sleep train even when they share a room.

Can I still sleep train my toddlers?

Yes! The same principles apply: you’re helping your twins develop the ability to fall asleep on their own. The updated guide now includes tips for babies and toddlers.

How long does sleep training take before my twins can sleep on their own?

I’ve met parents whose twins slept on their own after one day, while others took five weeks.

It really is that wide of a range.

My twins took one week before they got the hang of it. And even then, you can still expect a few hiccups here and there, such as naps taking longer to sleep train or one or both twins having an off night.

Imagine a graph with a few ups and downs, with the general trend moving upward.

How is this guide different from other sleep guides or books about twins?

We’ve all come across sleep books, but none cover both sleep training and twins. Sleep training books barely touch on twins, while books about twins focus more on the care and raising of twins without talking about any sleep training process.

And while you may be able to find sleep training tips online, How to Sleep Train Twins goes in-depth into the process, far more than any article can do, and spills everything you need to make sure it works.

Does the night weaning process in the guide apply to both breastfed and formula-fed babies?

Yes. In the chapter where I discuss weaning from night feedings, I break down the process for both breastfed and bottle-fed babies (or even if you do a combination of both).

How much does the guide cost?

For only $17, you can get instant access to the guide.

Not sure if you want to make that purchase? Ask yourself what’s more important: the price of a guide, or finally getting the sleep you and your twins need? Because I’m willing to bet that spending a few dollars is worth having your life back to normal again.

Is this a physical book that will be mailed to me?

No, this is a digital ebook in PDF format you can download instantly—no special e-readers or apps are required.

Have more questions?

Email [email protected] with your questions.

“Started the program last night. Incredible success. My twins are 8 months and pretty used to the swaddling rocking routine so I was skeptical. Yes, to hear them cry is tough and you want to rush in but when it stops, they are so relaxed. I woke up today refreshed and ready to tackle my day. They just woke up and in the best moods. A happy day in this house. Thank you.” -Daniel Faust

I want you to feel confident that you’re getting the best tips, strategies, and methods that can help your twins sleep through the night. If you’re not convinced of the incredible value found in How to Sleep Train Twins, email me within 30 days of purchase and you will get a full refund, no questions asked.


“Prior to this sleep training guide, we were hopeless. My husband and I were hardly sleeping with our 10 month old twins. Being tired was an understatement.

After applying the tips from the sleep training guide, we were able to sleep a full night. The first night, my twins slept eleven hours straight, not waking up once! We couldn’t believe it. Present day, now almost two-years-old, they still sleep through the night and nap perfectly!

I swear by your book! It was really a savior when we didn’t know what to do. Thank you!” -Lea Miller


Imagine how amazing life can be

It’s always tough to decide whether to take that leap and invest in a resource.

Maybe you’re tempted to figure this out on your own and Google together a sleep training process.

Maybe you even tried sleep training in the past, only to feel terrible and guilty from the experience.

Or maybe you’re hoping your twins can outgrow their sleep issues and eventually fall asleep on their own.

Except I’ve found that not having a step-by-step system leads to inconsistency, which means sleep training can take far longer than it should (or not even work at all).

This is why parents love How to Sleep Train Twins. The guide gives you the steps to sleep train twins not only effectively, but with compassion and a full understanding of what sleep training truly is.

And I learned early on after talking with parents of toddlers and preschoolers that sleep habits can become so ingrained that they’re only reinforced as the days, months and years go by.

Think of it this way: instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a private sleep coach, you can get the answers you need for a fraction of the price.

Take a step back and ask yourself what it would mean if you read and implemented the tips and advice found in the guide.


  • Putting the twins down in their cribs awake, without a pacifier or swaddle, knowing they can fall asleep on their own.
  • Reclaiming the hours between their bedtime and your own to do whatever you want.
  • Getting a full night of sleep without waking up once to rock or feed them back to sleep.
  • Your twins sleeping a solid 11-12 hours, and waking up much happier than ever.

Helping your twins learn how to fall asleep can be the turning point you’ve been looking for. The change that can make life normal once again, and make parenthood enjoyable.

You really CAN have restful nights once again. How to Sleep Train Twins can show you how.

“This amazing book gave me my evenings back. My 9 month old b/g twins used to be the absolute worst sleepers ever! They would wake each other up, refuse to have naps longer than 15 minutes and they were just miserable. After only 3 days of applying these techniques, they sleep a whopping 12 hours a night and have 2 x 1.5 hour naps during the day. The past month has been pure bliss! They are such happy babies and I’m in turn a happier mom!” -Letizia Gutierrez

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