Teething Remedies for a 1 Year Old

What to do when your baby is teething and won’t stop crying? Soothe your little one with these teething remedies for 1 year old kids at home.

Teething Remedies for 1 Year OldAny time my baby fussed or couldn’t sleep well, I figured it had to do with teething. Except… he didn’t actually get his first tooth until well after his first birthday.

Suddenly, the poor guy became miserable, clearly from the discomfort of cutting teeth. He’d fight both naps and nighttime sleep, where getting him down became a long, exhausting routine. He was extra needy and clingy, unwilling to let go of me for even the briefest of breaks.

I knew I needed to help ease his discomfort, especially when he wouldn’t stop crying.

Teething remedies for 1 year old

Thankfully, I found several remedies that offered relief, both during the day and at night. I also later learned about other remedies that I wish I had known about and given a try.

Of course, the first place you should seek advice from is your pediatrician, especially when it comes to health issues. Then, to give you a few ideas to try, take a look at these teething remedies for 1 year old kids:

1. Frozen or cold food

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Cold items—whether food or teething toys—are some of the best ways to “numb” your toddler’s gums when he’s in pain. Not only will the temperature feel soothing, but the taste of the food can encourage him to keep biting or sucking. Here are a few ideas:

  • Frozen fruits. Cut and freeze fruit pieces like bananas or strawberries. Then, place them in a mesh feeder like this that he can suck on.
  • Frozen waffles. Some parents swear by freezing waffles (the kind that already come in the frozen aisles of the grocery store). The waffle is cold, edible, and large enough for him to hold and bite.
  • Chilled celery sticks. Another option is to cut celery sticks and either freeze or chill them in the freezer or refrigerator.
  • Chilled carrot sticks or apple slices. Similarly, offer chilled carrots or apples. Boil them to soften them up, then place them in the freezer or refrigerator. Once they’re cold, he can bite on them as a snack.
  • Popsicles. Fill popsicle molds like this with water, milk, applesauce, or yogurt that he can then suck on.

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2. Wash cloth to chew on

My son was often happiest simply nibbling on his lovey. The act of biting soothed his gums and helped to reassure him that all would be well. Here are a few similar ideas you can try:

  • Give a clean, wet washcloth. Designate a few wash cloths for teething. Then, run one under cold water, wring out excess moisture, and let your toddler chew on it for comfort.
  • Soak wash cloths in chamomile tea. Some moms have had luck by soaking these wash cloths in chamomile tea and freezing them for use. Brew a batch of chamomile tea, add the wash cloth, wring it out, and place it in a plastic bag in the freezer. You can even do these in batches to save time.
  • Use a lovey. If you find him chewing on his existing lovey, encourage him to do so. You might have to wash it more frequently (or get a second identical one to swap while you do!). This is the one we used with our kids.

3. Teething toys

I got several types of teething toys to ease my kids’ discomfort. Some of our favorites include:

  • Sophie the Giraffe. I had heard of this teething toy and decided to get one for my kids. It makes a squeaking sound each time it’s bitten.
  • Teething pacifier. If your child takes to pacifiers, a teething pacifier can work as well. My kids liked biting on these.
  • Teething ring or toy. I like the kind that you can freeze or chill for added relief.

Tip: Fasten a bib around his neck to catch extra drool!

4. Teething biscuits

I offered teething biscuits as both a snack and as a comfort for teething pain. They were sturdy enough for my kids to hold and bite, but would dissolve quickly as well. Here are a few to try:

5. Pain relief medicine

Many parents turn to over-the-counter medications when teething symptoms weren’t letting up. See which ones your pediatrician recommends. I didn’t use these daily, but for especially difficult days and nights, they helped ease discomfort.

On days when teething seemed to be at its worst, I offered over-the-counter pain medicine about an hour before bedtime to help my kids sleep more comfortably. They also kept low-grade fevers manageable. Periodically, I would massage soothing gels and ointments with a clean finger onto my baby’s gums.

Some parents also recommended teething tablets as a natural way to relieve discomfort. The homeopathic teething tablets dissolve in the mouth. And lastly, soothing drops was another product that often came recommended as a way to ease fussiness and discomfort.

Get tips on how to get kids to take medicine.


Every mom has wondered what to give her baby or toddler to soothe teething pain. Hopefully you now have a few ideas to try.

Freezing or chilling food can help numb gum pain and encourage your child to keep sucking on it. A wash cloth or lovey, whether chilled and wet or simply dry, can give him something to chew on. Teething toys are easy to take everywhere and can also be chilled or frozen for added relief.

Teething biscuits can serve as both a snack and a way for him to bite on, relieving the tension he might feel in his gums. And consider over-the-counter medicine, checking in with your pediatrician for the go-ahead.

Whether he’s been cutting teeth for months or is only now growing his first tooth, you now have the remedies to help you get through this!

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