The Best Toys for Preschoolers

Looking for gifts for your little one? Check out the best toys for preschoolers, perfect for birthdays and holidays. Unique and memorable!

Toys for Preschoolers

My kids have been blessed with many toys gifted to them to play with during their preschool years.

No longer toddlers, they could follow simple instructions like older kids. Yet these toys weren’t so complicated that they got lost and frustrated. Open-ended play was also important, and these toys allowed them to lead and determine how they wanted to play.

Many of these toys are simple yet unique, while others are timeless and classic and would last a long time.

I compiled a list of our favorite toys for this age range, perfect for the two- to five-year-old kids in your life. These are toys my kids have used and played with and actually enjoyed—not the kind that gets stashed in the closet and forgotten. I hope you enjoy this compilation of toys for the little ones around you.

1. Zingo

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My preschoolers loved Zingo, and it also helped with building their vocabulary and learning sight words. Once they outgrew the toy, they passed it on to their little cousin, who also loved it.


2. Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Decorate and plant beautiful flowers in a fun way with this growing kit! Even now, my kids love planting a garden.

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

3. Critter Slippers

Super cute slippers to keep your child’s feet toasty and warm.

critter slipper

4. Magna Tiles

A hit around our house! It’s amazing how versatile these magnetic tiles are.

Magna Tiles

5. Dominoes

We gave the kids this set of dominoes during the pandemic lockdown. They spent plenty of time building structures and shapes.


6. Chutes and Ladders

A classic game, Chutes and Ladders is probably the first board game my kids played.

Chutes and Ladders

7. Lego blocks

Lego blocks are the epitome of open-ended play! They also help develop your child’s fine motor skills.


8. Melissa & Doug Reveal Pad

Water Wow is an entertaining and simple toy, especially on long road trips.

Water-Reveal Pad

9. Micro scooter

We got these scooters for the kids, and they’d have a blast riding them at the park.

Micro scooter

10. Play dough

Use play dough for different activities, from making shapes, using tools, or pinching them off into tiny bits.

play dough

11. Build A Bird Bungalow

Building a simple birdhouse is both a craft and garden decor.

Build A Bird Bungalow

12. Toy Flashlight

Sometimes it’s the simplest things—like a flashlight—that make for a wonderful toy.

toy flashlight

13. Microphone

My mom gave the kids this microphone and until now, they love singing and talking into it.


14. Tent

A tent gives kids the privacy and place they need for pretend or quiet play. A wonderful addition to the home to nurture your child’s imagination!


15. Butterfly Garden

Your preschooler will love watching caterpillars morph into butterflies with this butterfly kit. My kids’ teachers did this activity with their classes.

Butterfly Garden

16. Marble Genius Marble Run

The kids loved these marble mazes. Arrange them in many ways, too (just be mindful of the marbles as they can be a choking hazard).

marble run

17. Camera

My niece received this camera as a gift and it has been such a hit! She loves getting to take photos just the rest of us.


18. Magnetic Wooden Dress Up

The kids got this cute wooden dress up toy that allowed them to dress the character in various uniforms and outfits.

Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up

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