50 Unusual Old Fashioned Names That Won’t Go Out of Style

Want unusual old fashioned names for your baby? Take a look at this list of beautiful yet uncommon vintage names you don’t hear anymore.

Unusual Old Fashioned NamesIf you’re like me, you’re not a fan of the new, trendy names that make their rounds. Every generation has them, and after a few years, they seem to go out of style as quickly as they came.

Instead, I’m a fan of old fashioned names that stand the test of time. The names that grace classic literature or have been passed down through family lines.

But one of the benefits of newer or trendier names is that they’re pretty uncommon. Most vintage baby names you’ve seen so far—while timeless—are still pretty popular, even today. Instead, you’re looking for classic names that are no longer common.

The solution? Look for unusual old fashioned names, the ones that are still classic and are making a comeback, but aren’t so common. You get the best of both worlds: timeless, yet unique.

Sometimes the best way to feel unstuck with choosing old fashioned baby names is to look at several suggestions and see which one is a good fit. After all, you want one that both you and your partner can agree on. One that suits not just your last name, but that goes well with your other children’s names as well.

Rest assured, if you’re trying to find the perfect baby name, you’re in luck. I’ve listed 50 names, along with their origins and meanings. Take a look at these unusual old fashioned names for inspiration:

Unusual old fashioned names for boys

Abraham Hebrew “father of a multitude” Abe
Albert Anglo-Saxon “noble, bright”
Ambrose Latin “immortal”
Bertram German “bright, wise” Bert
Declan Irish “man of prayer, full of goodness”
Dimitri Greek “from the earth” Dima
Edmund English “protector of wealth”
Ellery German “one who lives near the elder tree” Ell
Everett Anglo-Saxon “wild boar, strong” Ev
Ezra Hebrew “helper”
Felix Hebrew “happy”
Francis Latin “French”
Jasper Persian “treasurer”
Lincoln Latin “lithe”
Marshall French “keeper of the horses”
Milton Anglo-Saxon “from the Mill Town”
Morgan Welsh “sea-born”
Owen Welsh “noble”
Ralph Teutonic “wolf counselor”
Robert English “bright fame”
Stanley English “rocky meadow” Stan
Theodore Greek “divine gift” Theo, Teddy
Waylon English “wayside land”
Wesley English “west meadow” Wes
Wyatt Old English “wood, wide”

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Unusual old fashioned names for girls

Adelaide German “noble and kind” Addie
Adeline French “noble” Addie
Beatrice Latin “bringer of joy” Bea, Beatrix
Clara Greek “bright, clear” Claire
Cora Greek “filled heart”
Dorothy Greek “a gift from God” Dora
Esther Persian “star”
Ethel Teutonic “noble”
Evelyn Hebrew “alive” Evie
Florence Latin “blooming” Flora
Fleur French “blooming”
Harriet Teutonic “home ruler” Hattie
Hazel English “hazel tree”
Henrietta German “ruler of the home” Etta
Imogene Latin “image”
Ingrid Teutonic “hero’s daughter”
Mabel Latin “lovable”
Margaret Persian “child of light” Margie, Margot
Olive Latin  “olive” Liv
Pearl Latin “gem of the sea”
Penelope Greek “weaver” Penny
Ruby Latin “ruby jewel, red”
Ruth Hebrew “companion, friend”
Sadie English “princess”
Vera Latin “true”

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