These Vintage Girl Names Deserve a Comeback

Looking for pretty vintage girl names for your baby? Check out these top 50 picks for beautiful old fashioned girl names that are still cool!

Vintage Girl NamesWhen I found out I was expecting twins, I had hoped one of them would be a girl.

Surely ONE of them will be a girl, I thought. I already had a boy, and just as I had selected a classic name for him, I did the same for a possible girl.

I wanted pretty vintage names to stand the test of time, but I also didn’t want them to be too old that they’d be dated.

Except there was a problem… a few months into my pregnancy, I learned that neither of the twins was a girl.

I had all these vintage girl names lined up—I even had a favorite that made sense in so many ways—with no baby to name them with.

So instead, I wanted to share them with you!

I already shared my top 50 classic boy names, and now I’m sharing the girl counterpart. These are beautiful old fashioned girl names that avoid the trends, since those cycle through so quickly. These names are also timeless and have been around for years.

If you’re looking for vintage girl names, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at my top 50 picks, complete with their meanings, origins, and nicknames:

Vintage girl names that are still cool today





Abigail Hebrew “the father’s joy” Abby, Gail
Alexandra Greek “helper and defender” Alex
Alice English “noble” Allie
Althea Greek “wholesome” Allie, Thea
Amelia Latin “striving” Amy, Lia, Millie
Anastasia Greek “resurrection” Stacy, Ana
Anna Hebrew “gracious” Annie, Anne
Ava German “Eve” Avie
Beatrice Latin “bringer of joy” Bea
Bernadette French “brave bear” Betty, Etta
Beth Hebrew “consecrated to God”
Caroline Latin “joyous song” Carol, Cara, Carrie, Carla
Catherine Greek “pure” Kate, Cat, Cathy, Katie
Charlotte French “petite” Charlie, Lottie
Claire Latin “peace”
Clara Greek “bright” Clare
Dorothy Greek “a gift of God” Dora, Dot, Dotty
Edith Teutonic “rich gift” Edie
Elizabeth Hebrew “consecrated to God” Liz, Beth, Ellie, Lizzie
Ella English “light”
Eloise French “battle maiden” Ellie
Emily Teutonic “striving” Emmie, Millie, Em
Emma German “whole” Em
Estelle Latin “a star” Stella
Genevieve French “white wave” Jenny, Jen
Grace Latin “goodness and generosity” Gracie
Harriet Teutonic “home ruler” Hattie, Etta
Isabella Hebrew “devoted to God” Izzy, Bella, Isa, Belle
Jane Hebrew “God is gracious”
Judith Hebrew “admired” Judy
Louisa German “famous in battle” Lou, Louie
Lucy Latin “light”
Matilda German “might” Mattie, Tillie
Miranda Latin “miraculous” Mandy
Naomi Hebrew “sweet” Mimi
Natalia Latin “born on Christmas” Nat, Lia
Olivia Greek “olive tree” Liv, Livia, Ollie
Penelope Latin “weaver” Penny, Nellie, Poppy
Phoebe Greek “shining”
Rose Latin “rose bush”
Ruby Latin “a ruby jewel”
Ruth Hebrew “companion”
Sadie English “princess”
Sarah Hebrew “princess”
Scarlett English “bright red”
Sophia Greek “wisdom” Sophie
Stella Greek “a star” Tim, Timmy
Victoria Latin “victorious” Vicky, Toria
Violet Latin “violet flower” Vivi, Lettie
Vivian Latin “full of life” Viv, Vivi

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Want a convenient infographic of these vintage girl names? Take a look at this compiled list below:

Vintage Girl Names


Even though I didn’t end up with any girls to give these beautiful names to, I had fun scouting vintage girl names nonetheless. And I hope you were able to find timeless ideas and inspiration to name your baby girl.

Because hands down, if I had had a girl, you can bet her name would’ve been on this list.

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Source of meanings: Baby Center

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