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Bringing Home Twins is for moms looking for practical, step-by-step information on what to expect with newborn twins those first few weeks.

It’s hard going through a twin pregnancy without a clue on what to do those first few weeks after they’re born. You may not know anyone personally who had twins to turn to or learn from. You scour the internet looking for bits of information here and there but can’t seem to find one place that talks about those early weeks. You feel overwhelmed and alone.

Hi, I’m Nina, author and blogger behind Sleeping Should Be Easy. When I found out I was expecting twins, I was terrified. I was scared of how my body would handle two babies and all the complications I’d face. I wondered how I’d care for twins in addition to my three-year-old. And I dreaded the extreme sleep deprivation—as if one baby wasn’t tiring enough, I’d now have two to deal with.

I created the course to help twin moms feel less scared, more confident, and better prepared for bringing home twins. I poured everything I know about what to expect when you bring your twins home into these lessons.

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What Bringing Home Twins includes:

Lesson 1: How to cope with sleep deprivation, even with two babies
We’re diving right in to what makes those first few weeks difficult. You’ll learn how to function during the day with little sleep. You’ll also get best practices on how to squeeze in as much sleep as you can.

Lesson 2: Establishing the routines that will save your sanity
The newborn days are too early to implement rigid routines and schedules. Still, you’ll learn general rules of thumb when it comes to how often to feed and how much babies should sleep (or stay awake).

Lesson 3: Managing the rest of your household during the early weeks
Life still goes on even after welcoming twins home! Learn how to maintain the rest of your household, from preparing meals to keeping your older children entertained.

Lesson 4: How to take care of yourself postpartum
As moms, we often forget that we also need time to take care of ourselves. We’re dealing with rough emotions and an overnight change in our lives. And we likely still need to heal physically from the delivery. This lesson focuses on how to take care of yourself.

Lesson 5: Newborn twins tips and tricks you’ll be glad you knew
And finally, I share all the best advice I and other twin moms have learned about taking care of newborn twins. From feeding to bathing to eating, you’ll get the tips you need to care for your babies.

How the 5-lesson email course works:

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To recap, you'll get:

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Your instructor:


Hi, I’m Nina Garcia, mom to three boys and the parenting blogger behind Sleeping Should Be Easy. I’ve been blogging for seven years about parenting, family life, and life with twins.

I also wrote Parenting with Purpose: How to Prevent, Handle, and Learn from Your Child’s Challenging Behavior, which earned five stars on Amazon and continues to inspire readers to engage in mindful parenting. My second book, How to Sleep Train Twins: The Ultimate Guide has helped hundreds of twin parents get the sleep they and their families need.

What others have said about Bringing Home Twins:

“When I was pregnant, I read your materials and followed your advice to sync the girls! Best advice ever given—it made my life so simple. I have no previous experience with twins so my husband and I are figuring this out on our own. I wanted to thank you for your wisdom—it genuinely made our transition into twin land a lot smoother!”

“I just have to say that I have loved your emails and all of your advice. It has been so helpful and informative. You are very talented and I appreciate the hard work you have put into this information to be able to help out twin moms such as myself to cope and not just endure, but hopefully enjoy what is to come. Thank you again for everything! I will be reading your advice over and over again in the months to come.”
“Nina, this was a great course! I stumbled upon your blog during one of my middle of the night pump sessions. There were several things I liked and benefited from. I like the way you talk the reader through the chaos of caring for newborn twins, in a calm, assuring tone. And the tips were very helpful, such as bath time and tandem bottle feeding. The homework at the end helped me to organize my thoughts. Thank you!!!”
“The topics were really good. I identify with you as well particularly because I have a toddler as well and that adds a lot of complexity so reading about how to deal with this extra complexity was nice. I want more emails!

“Hi Nina, thanks for sharing the lessons about bringing home twins! I think they are useful for mommies like me who have never been around twins — no twins in family or friends who are twins! This is like a refresher course on what to expect when the twins come home. I especially thought that the feeding and sleeping routines chapter was very useful because that’s the most important thing that we as newbies are expecting to know more about. I also thought the last chapter on tips and tricks are useful.”

“We are really enjoying it! I appreciate the length of the lessons because it feels substantive. Thank you for all the info. It really has been a blessing for us as we set our expectations for bringing home the babies in the fall. Thank you for offering these!”

Frequently asked questions about Bringing Home Twins:

When does the course start and finish?

This course is available 24/7. Sign up and you’ll get 5 lessons, one each day, straight to your inbox.

Who should enroll in the course?

This course is tailored to moms expecting twins at all stages of their pregnancy. You might be early in your pregnancy or nearing the last few weeks. Grandparents, caregivers and other loved ones of newborn twins will also benefit from the tips found in this course.

How much does the course cost?

This 5-day email course is FREE! But by no means is it lacking in meaty content—I don’t hold back on the curriculum just because it’s free.

What if I’m unhappy with this course?

If you want to stop receiving the lessons, simply click “unsubscribe” from any of my emails. You can also give me feedback so I can improve the course.

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