You look forward to naptime—it’s the one break you get from parenting duties, your child gets the rest he needs and, assuming he falls asleep, you can check off yet another successful nap attempt.

But the moment right after a nap? That can be a challenge. No matter what you do, the number of naps in a day or how much sleep your child got the night before—he wakes up crying every time.

You’re tired of struggling with your child’s daily naps. You’ve tried all sorts of ways to calm him down with no luck, losing your temper along the way. Leaving the house after naps is all but near impossible, and you’ve wondered if his meltdowns are normal.

I can relate. I couldn’t recall a single time when my child woke up not crying, much less smiling or singing. Instead, he’d wake up screaming, almost mad he had agreed to take a nap, and furious he had fallen for the trap.

As happy as I was to put him down for a nap, I also dreaded the time for him to wake up. I wanted to be the patient parent I knew he needed but instead grew exasperated and wished he’d just “snap out of it.” I’d lose my temper, then feel even guiltier for doing so.

Something had to change.


I couldn’t keep up with my son’s temper or continue losing mine. I wasn’t expecting an overnight change, but I wanted actionable tactics that would placate and soothe him from being so angry.

So, I did what I always do when I’m caught in a pickle: I researched. I read websites and books and talked to other moms and pediatricians. And I tried and tested certain tactics and began to see the changes I had hoped for.

After much trial and error, I’ve collected all the strategies I used to help my son wake up happier—and less cranky—into my guide, No Cranky Naps, How to Help Your Child Wake Up Happy. I share the many mistakes I made and tell how you can avoid them and explain the changes I put in place to help him wake up happy and not in tears.

“My stress levels were at an all-time high around nap times. Reading No Cranky Naps has already been life-changing for me and my son. It’s put so much into perspective and made a difference in my relationship with him. I’ve seen a change in his behaviour and it all had to do with me and how I communicated. All I have done is listened to him more as a person and used your simple to implement strategies and he is markedly different—and so am I. I am hooked! Thank you for helping to change the relationship between me and my son.”

Deanna Williams


Understand cranky naps

Learn the reasons your
child wakes up cranky from naps

Make naptime easier

Master the routines that
make naptimes easier

Transition well to naps

Overcome difficult transitions
into and out of naps

Reduce the crying

Discover ways to help your
child to wait, not cry, if he
wakes up early from naps

Stop feeling angry

Manage your own temper
to avoid worsening your child’s mood

Teach self soothing skills

Find the best coping methods
for your child to manage
heightened emotions


Want to see if the guide is for you? Download your FREE sample below:

“I always dreaded hearing the rustle from the monitor, wondering how the wake up would go. Most naps ended in screaming while she’d bang on her door signaling naptime was over. No Cranky Naps was eye-opening as I realized where I’d gone wrong, how I could help my daughter have a better routine and how we can all have a happier day. This guide is full of so many helpful tips and tricks I had never thought of before, and the actionable exercises give practical ways to make changes right away that you don’t find elsewhere online.”

Amanda Garvin


What ages are the guide and email course geared toward?

Both the guide and email course cater to parents of toddlers and preschoolers. While many of the tips are effective for babies, we’ll speak directly to younger kids ages one to five.

Is this a physical product?

No—the No Cranky Naps guide is a digital PDF you can download instantly, while the Easy Naps Playbook lessons will be sent to your email inbox.

Will this take long to read and go through?

Like yourself, I’m a parent with a busy schedule. The No Cranky Naps guide is a quick, easy and effective read you can implement right away, and the Easy Naps Playbook is delivered in daily lessons straight to your inbox.

“My twin girls would wake up from naps, crying, screaming and being super clingy and really mad whenever I was holding the other one for a good 20 minutes. After reading No Cranky Naps, I learned the importance of timing the nap and the transition from nap time to awake time. I followed your advice about transitioning to awake time, which has really helped keep them from crying. Understanding their difficult transition from nap to full on awake has helped me to keep calm and handle their tantrums better. Finally, I feel like we have sleeping under control in our house. Thank you very much Nina for your help and advice.”

Kathi Iseli


Hi! I’m Nina, a mom of three boys and the parenting blogger behind Sleeping Should Be Easy.

I’ve been helping parents for over seven years with parenting, family life, early education, being a working mom, life with twins and—you guessed it—sleep.

I know all too well how frustrating it can feel to deal with cranky naps that never seem to end. Through effective parenting methods and actionable tips, I’ll teach you how to make real and lasting changes to your child’s wake up routine.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for sleep coaching, you can now get everything you need in this action guide for a fraction of the price. No Cranky Naps teaches you how to help your child wake up happy—not cranky—from naps.



Naps can be one of the biggest sources of frustrations for parents. As a bonus, you’ll also get my Easy Naps Playbook, a 5-day email course to make naptimes smoother. In this course, you’ll learn my best tips to take your naps in a new direction, including:

  • The 5 Habits that Make Nap Time Easier
  • What to Do when Your Child Won’t Nap
  • Helping Your Child Take Longer Naps
  • How to Transition to Fewer Naps
  • Staying Calm During Naptime Challenges

The standalone course includes information not found in the No Cranky Naps guide, with different advice and tips. You’ll also get printables with daily lessons to help you overcome naptime challenges.

And with your purchase of No Cranky Naps, the Easy Naps Playbook course—a $12 value—is yours, FREE!

“I dreaded naps—I didn’t know how long I’d need to spend putting my child to sleep and whether he would even sleep. With this guide, I realized that I was too focused on putting him to sleep that I failed to see other issues I needed to address. Life has been much better now. If you’re struggling with naps, don’t think any further and get this guide! You will learn how parenting skills and sleep go in tandem.”

Ning Siang