Things to Do Before the Baby Arrives

Check out these important things to do before the baby arrives, from items to buy to preparing for delivery. A must-read for expecting moms!

Things to Do Before the Baby ArrivesDespite the 40 weeks many of us spend before welcoming a new baby, new moms can often feel overwhelmed.

What do we need to do to prepare for delivery? Which baby things should we buy before birth (and which ones not until long after)?

Perhaps you’re on a tight budget and don’t like idea of getting something you don’t need. At the same time, you want to feel prepared so you have one less thing to worry about once the baby arrives. It doesn’t help if you feel like you’re way behind, hopelessly lost on what you need to do.

And if you’re a first-time mom, you’re also facing this with fresh eyes, with no experience to guide you.

Things to do before the baby arrives

We all want to make sure we have everything together before The Big Day, no doubt.

Rest assured friend, we’ll get you on track. As someone who relied on lists long before I had kids, I know how much being prepared helps. But I also don’t like to plan too much to the point of feeling inundated.

The key is to cover your basics and know that not every list is for everyone. One person’s “must have” item might be completely useless for another. For instance, saving for maternity leave or preparing older kids for the baby won’t apply to the first-time mom who plans to stay home.

Do what works for you and take the tips that can make a difference. Just the fact that you’re planning ahead is already progress enough. So, what can you do to prepare for the baby? Here are things to do before the baby arrives, a checklist of fun activities and practical tasks:

Going on Maternity Leave

1. Save for maternity leave

Are you expecting a pay cut during maternity leave, or unpaid bonding time after the baby is born? Now is the time to begin saving for those several weeks or months when you’re not working.

Factor in how much your income will be reduced, then set aside a little each month to pad your savings. That way, you don’t feel guilty or stressed about money while you’re caring for the baby.

And don’t forget to research health insurance for your baby. Find out from your HR or insurance company when you need to add him or her to your plan, and any additional costs you might have.

Save for Maternity Leave

Free printables: Plan ahead for your monthly expenses once the baby comes! Join my newsletter and grab your Printable Monthly Expenses Worksheet. Estimate recurring expenses and typical costs of raising a baby and have a better sense of how much to expect to spend:

Monthly Baby Expenses

2. Buy baby items

Some of your biggest expenses will come from buying baby items, from a bassinet to pacifiers. During pregnancy, you’ll have more time to space your purchases than cramming them in the first few weeks. You’ll also need several items from day one, like the crib, onesies, diapers, and wipes.

Don’t forget to install the car seat correctly and practice using your baby gear ahead of time, from wearing the baby carrier to attaching the changing pad to the dresser. You’ll want to know how to open and close the stroller before you find yourself out and about, unsure of how to fold it.

Take a look at these articles with even more details of baby items to buy:

Second Baby Registry

3. Get feeding and postpartum items

Are you planning on breastfeeding the baby? Come prepared with essential supplies from day one. You’ll want to get a good pump (and its pump parts) to increase your milk supply right away. You’ll also likely need comfort items like nursing pads, nursing bras, and lanolin cream.

If you plan to bottle feed, grab a few baby formula samples and bottles (along with a bottle drying rack). And don’t forget about your postpartum essentials. You’ll need sanitary pads and numbing spray as your body heals.

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to Increase Your Milk Supply

4. Find a pediatrician

Use these next several months to interview and find a pediatrician for your baby. You’ll need one as soon as your baby is born so she can examine and discharge you from the hospital. Plus, you’ll be going into her office for frequent check-ups those initial days and weeks.

Take a look at these interview questions to ask potential pediatricians.

Interview Questions for Pediatricians

5. Gather maternity clothes

At some point, you’ll outgrow even your largest t-shirts. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune on maternity clothes. Get them on sale, secondhand, or even free from a Buy Nothing group.

And pick styles you can still wear after you deliver. Because even after delivery, you’ll be at the size you were at six months pregnant.

Learn 5 misconceptions about maternity clothes.

Misconceptions about Maternity Clothes

6. Prepare your older kids

If expecting a baby feels overwhelming to you, you can imagine how it’ll feel to your older kids. This is especially true if you only have one other child, or for your youngest who has never experienced having a baby sibling.

Explain the idea of having a new baby once you start showing and when you begin rearranging your home. Reassure your child that, however different things might be, you’ll always love him no matter what.

Get more tips on how to prepare your older child for a new baby:

Second Child Guilt

7. Stock up on household items

With all the focus on the baby, don’t forget your household needs. After all, the rest of the family still needs to eat, clean, and use the bathroom, regardless of the baby. A few weeks before your due date, stock up on household items to free up your time after the baby arrives.

Gather cleaning supplies, bathing and sanitary needs, pantry staples, and freezer meals. From laundry detergent to toilet paper, make sure your inventory isn’t running low.

Take a look at this list for household items to stock up on before the baby arrives.

What to Stock Up On Before Baby

8. Choose baby names

Choosing baby names is one of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby. From new and trendy to honoring people in your lives, picking the right name can start right now. Even if you want to decide after meeting the baby, you can still have several contenders to choose from.

Here are a few ideas for baby names:

Classic Boy Names from Literature

9. Pack your hospital bag

As you gear up for the big arrival, don’t forget to pack your hospital bag so you have it ready to go. While we all want our pregnancies to go smoothly, we still have to prepare for complications that might bring us to the hospital right away.

Besides your own hospital bag, make sure your partner also has his or her bag ready to go. And if you have older kids and plan to have, say, grandma stay with them, make sure she has her bag packed as well.

Not sure what to pack? Take a look at this list of hospital bag essentials.

Hospital Bag Essentials

10. Prepare for delivery

As a first-time mom, I felt anxious about delivery, from the potential pain to caring for the baby those initial few days. What really helped was to prepare for delivery and what I would expect during the process.

You might want to take a hospital tour and get familiar with when you should head there during labor. Take classes on birthing and baby care, and pre-register your information with the hospital ahead of time.

Here’s everything I wish someone had told me when I was pregnant.

Mom to Be Guide

11. Do pre-baby fun things

With all this baby prep, don’t forget to use this time to do fun things, too! Many couples take a “baby moon” or a mini vacation while they still don’t have baby duties to think about. Consider going on a date night, or pampering yourself with a prenatal massage.

Fun things can also mean making crafts for the baby, from handmade baby announcements to knitting a blanket. You can also visit museums, bookstores, and restaurants before putting a temporary hold on these favorite spots.


Expecting a baby—especially your first one—can feel daunting for even the most organized mom. But knowing the things you need to do before the baby arrives can be helpful. You’ll know exactly what still needs to get done, and by when.

Buy items, from baby gear to maternity clothes, breastfeeding supplies to household staples. Use this time to save for your maternity leave so you don’t feel as crunched for money while you’re caring for the baby.

Interview a few pediatricians and select someone who can examine your baby at the hospital. Prepare your older child so he knows what to expect and feels reassured that he’ll always be loved. Choose baby names, even if just to whittle them down to a select few.

Pack your hospital bag so you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice, and prepare for delivery to make labor as smooth as possible. And lastly, don’t forget to use this time to do fun things for yourself as well, before the baby takes up most of your time.

Now you’ll feel better prepared to welcome your baby home, long before that 40th week marks the end of your pregnancy.

Organized Mom

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