Toddler Travel Essentials for a Fuss-Free Family Trip

Traveling with kids by plane or road? Take a look at these toddler travel essentials and gear recommended by a well-traveled mom of four! by Rachael Robison

Toddler Travel EssentialsSome might think I’m crazy. After all, in the span of just four years, I’ve taken a:

  • 32-hour drive to Florida with a three- and a one-year-old
  • 26-hour drive to Ohio with kids ages four, two, and three-months
  • 20-hour drive to Texas with three kids while pregnant

And my favorite: a 7,000 mile, 5-week road trip with a seven-, five-, three-, and one-year-old.

After thinking, She’s crazy, most people start wondering what my secret is. How do I manage to travel with kids without losing my mind? Am I some kind of superwoman?

No, I’m far from a superwoman. I’m just like you (assuming you also love to read!). I’m a mom who loves to travel, so my kids are along for the ride. Since they’re all two years apart, traveling with a toddler is basically all I know.

Toddler travel essentials for a fuss-free trip

To improve your chances of having a successful trip, you need to be prepared with a few toddler travel gear.

I can’t promise every trip with a toddler will be a roaring success. Actually, I can almost guarantee that something will go wrong on every one of them. However, by being prepared, you can keep these mishaps from ruining the fun.

From road trips to airplane flights, take a look at my list of toddler travel essentials:

1. “Backpack” diaper bag

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At the top of your toddler travel essentials list, you’ve got your trusty diaper bag. You know, your go-to bag for trips to the library or park.

But should you bring it when you travel? It all depends on what kind of diaper bag you usually carry. Is it a massive bag that fits everything and the moon? Then please, leave it at home.

You will want a designated diaper bag when you travel, but you want something that won’t kill you if you carry it around all day at the zoo.

I always opt for a backpack. You don’t need to go very big—just a small day pack. You simply need to be able to carry around the essentials: diapers and diaper cream, a sippy cup, baby wipes, snacks, a changing pad, and a change of clothes. Here are a few options:

Speaking of diaper changes, don’t bring an entire trips’ worth of diapers with you unless absolutely necessary. Every grocery store carries diapers. Save space and pack a small bag of diapers, and buy more when you need them.

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2. Lightweight travel stroller

Another of the basic toddler travel essentials to consider is the stroller. Whether you’re flying or driving, keep your supplies lightweight and to a minimum.

But first, ask yourself: how badly do you even need a stroller? Can you rent one at your destination? Would a hiking carrier be more appropriate?

If you’re flying with a toddler, strollers can also be handy when you travel through an airport and can be gate checked.

Personally, I love my Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller, a perfect mid-price stroller. It has a basket for storage while still folding compactly. It’s lightweight to carry, tall enough for my husband to comfortably push, and can even recline all the way.


3. Portable travel crib

Once you’ve gotten your toddler into a sleep routine, not even a trip to Disneyland seems worth breaking it. The real question is: where is he going to sleep? Will he have a bed ready at grandma’s house, or do you need to bring something for him to sleep on?

If he still sleeps and naps in a crib, a portable one is the way to go. I love how easy they are to set up and take down. That said, they are a bit bulkier, so they could be problematic if you fly.

If he sleeps in a bed, the Regalo My Cot is the perfect choice. They’re affordable, compact, and the perfect size for a toddler (actually, they can fit up to a six-year-old). Plus, they tuck between the beds in a double queen hotel room.

If space is at a premium or if you fly a lot, check out the KidCo Peapod. It’s a small travel bed that folds up into a small bag. Just remember, it’s only sized for toddlers, so kids could quickly outgrow it.

Going to the beach? Make sure to pack these beach essentials for toddlers.

Beach Essentials for Toddlers

4. Entertainment for your toddler

No one wants to be that mom with the toddler yelling on an airplane, or travel 14 hours in the car with a screaming one-year-old. Trust me, I’ve been both.

You can try songs and games, but when traveling with a toddler, I go straight to the electronics. I know I said there is no magical item to keep toddlers entertained, but the closest I have found are Disney movies. My children become enraptured in their car seats, and I milk it for all it’s worth.

When my oldest was two, I bought some digital copies of movies, and they were worth the investment. Now, five years later, we still watch those same movies, plus a few I’ve added over the years.

Also, if you have Netflix or Amazon Prime, take advantage of the movies they offer as well. Just make sure you only get movies that you can stand to watch over and over again. If anything, bring along headphones they can listen with.

And one of my best purchases ever was a TFY headrest mount for ipads and tablets. If you don’t have a DVD player in your vehicle, just strap the mount on a car headrest and suddenly your tablet is a movie screen. (Plus, it keeps your tablet out of your toddler’s sticky little hands!)

Headrest Mount Holder

5. Miscellaneous toddler travel essentials

  • Peel off markers. No more broken crayons or colored pencils you have to sharpen.
  • Reusable Sticker books. Let your toddler go wild placing stickers everywhere. These books fit perfectly on her lap.
  • Look and Find books. With plenty to find on every page, these books keep toddlers entertained longer than a regular story book.
  • Toys. Don’t go crazy on multi-part toys gadgets that can get lost, and make sure batteries on gadgets are fully charged. Better yet, bring along a favorite stuffed animal or trinket your toddler has been interested in.

Do you need identification for your toddler to travel by plane?

Call or check your airline’s website, but most don’t require identification for your toddler to travel within the United States. After a certain age, kids will need an ID to board a plane even domestically, but typically, this isn’t until they reach the teen or tween years.

Still, if you’d like to be extra-cautious, a passport works best. If you don’t have that, some parents bring copies of their kids’ birth certificates, social security cards, or even school IDs. Personally, I was able to usher all my kids through the airport without being asked for any identification.


I could probably go on and on talking about toddler travel essentials, but these are the most important items you’ll want to have.

A diaper backpack will be easy to carry and hold everything you need, while a toddler stroller ensures you can be mobile with your toddler. A portable crib or cot makes for good sleep and even a fun play area. And of course, come prepared with entertainment and snacks to keep him occupied.

Just remember to plan ahead, and enjoy the journey. Even though traveling with a toddler can be a hassle, you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.

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Rachael Robison is a stay-at-home mom of four children in Utah. She blogs at Booklist Queen, sharing book lists and book recommendations to keep your to-read list overflowing.

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