Essential Things You Might Be Missing On Your Second Baby Registry

Wondering what to put on your second baby registry? Take a look at these essential items you might be missing on your checklist.

Second Baby RegistryThe crib, the stroller, the swing… I saved a ton of baby gear from my first baby, just in case I had another one. And about two and a half years later, I did decide to get pregnant again—except this time, I ended up with twins.

Suddenly that single stroller wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Many moms debate the etiquette of having a second baby registry. Does it seem needy or rude? Do people even HAVE baby showers for their second babies?

It turns out, plenty of people do, and for good reasons:

  • You find yourself in different circumstances. Maybe you’re expecting twins or your baby is a different gender from your first. Different circumstances make it more likely for you to create a second baby registry.
  • You got rid of your old baby gear. Not everyone saves their old baby gear. Maybe you didn’t think you’d have another baby, moved to a different location, wanted to make space, or sold it to earn extra cash.
  • There’s a big age gap between your eldest and your new baby. Even though you’re a second-time mom, it may have been a while since you had your first.
  • Friends and coworkers want to give you gifts. Many workplaces host baby showers, regardless of whether the baby is the first or not. And friends can still be keen to give you gifts and throw you a shower, making a second baby registry checklist a convenient place to point them to.
  • You could use all the help you can get. Even if you don’t announce your registry, having them ready makes it easy for people to help in whatever ways they can.
  • You get discounts. Many baby registries offer discounts on items that other people don’t end up buying for you. Even if you keep your second baby registry private, you can still reap the savings from having a list.
  • A second baby registry keeps you organized. Sometimes you just need one place to keep yourself organized. Having a registry can be a place for you to track the necessary items for your second baby.

Things you need on your second baby registry

Whether others are throwing you a shower or you want to stay organized, having a second baby registry is a fantastic way to track what you still need.

As a second-time mom, you also have the benefit of having already gone through this at least once. Now you know what you truly need for your second child, can get what you wish you had gotten the first time, and avoid the items that didn’t help.

Take a look at this checklist of must-haves, perfect for your second baby registry:

1. Double or sit-and-stand stroller

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If your older child still needs to be in a stroller, a double stroller is a must to transport both of them. Another option is a sit-and-stand stroller or an attachment to add to your current single stroller:

Baby Trend double stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

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2. Crib or crib mattress

Depending on where your older one is sleeping now, you might have to get a new crib for the baby. Either you’ve converted your old crib into a toddler bed, or your child still needs or wants to sleep in the crib.

Another option is to put your older child in a new toddler bed and keep the crib for the baby. Most toddler beds use mattresses the same size as cribs, so you’ll likely need to get a new mattress either for the crib or for the toddler bed.


3. Crib sheets

Whether you get a new crib or a toddler bed, remember that you’ll need more bedding for both kids. Aim for at least two crib sheets for each bed so you always have a clean set ready to go. And don’t forget mattress protectors as well.

4. High chair or booster

If your older child will still be using a high chair when the baby arrives, adding another one is a must.

Another option is to get a booster seat that attaches to one of your dining chairs. That way, the baby can use your current high chair and your older child can sit in the booster.

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

5. Car seat

Check the expiration date of any car seat you may have saved to make sure it’s still safe to use. If not, add an infant car seat to your second baby registry.

6. Changing pad covers

Your changing pad can work for both kids, but you might want to get extra changing pad covers to accommodate more accidents and messes.

Changing pad covers

7. A new pump or pump parts

Depending on how happy you were with your old breast pump, it may be a good idea to add a pump to your second baby registry. For my eldest, I used a single pump which barely lasted a year, so I knew going into my second pregnancy that I’d want another one.

If you do decide to keep your pump, or rent rather than buy one, you can still add pump parts to your registry to replace the old ones.

8. Baby bottles

If you’ve gotten rid of your old baby bottles, adding them to your second baby registry is a must.

You likely have a favorite brand by now, which makes it easier to choose which bottles to add to your list. Don’t forget to add both the smaller 4-ounce bottles as well as the larger 8-ounce ones.

Como Tomo baby bottle

9. Pacifiers

Even if your eldest still uses a pacifier, you’ll probably need a new one for the baby. Add your favorite brand of pacifiers to the list to make sure he has a set of his own.

10. Nose suction

Clear your baby’s nasal passageways with a new nose suction, rather than relying on the one you used for your eldest. This can keep the item more sanitary and avoid bacteria and germs spreading.

Nose Frida

11. Toiletries

Toiletries are perfect for second baby registries since these are the types of gifts that run out. A few items to add include:

12. Diapers and wipes

Like toiletries, diapers and wipes are fantastic items to add to your second baby registry, because every mom can always use more of them! Add not just newborn-size diapers, but size 1 diapers as well. If you’re not sure which ones to get, Pampers makes amazing diapers.

13. Clothes and socks

Add clothes and socks to your second baby registry if:

  • Your new baby is a different gender from your first
  • You no longer have your eldest’s clothes
  • Your eldest’s clothes are for a different season. For instance, your baby clothes are geared for the winter, whereas your baby might need summer wear.

Find out how many clothes to buy before the baby is born.

How Many Clothes to Buy Before Baby Is Born

14. Towels

Is your eldest still using baby towels? It might be time to upgrade him to a toddler-sized towel. Several toddler towels still come with a handy hood to keep his head warm but come in larger sizes perfect for a child his age.

15. Baby carrier or wrap

With an older child and a baby, you’ll likely need to keep your hands free as much as possible. I used a Moby wrap that not only gave me more mobility but also helped my baby sleep.


Not everyone celebrates the coming of the second baby with a shower, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t have a second baby registry.

While you may have saved many of your older child’s baby gear, several items might need to be replaced, or run out. Plus, with two kids in tow, you’ll likely need new gear to accommodate both of them in ways you didn’t have to with just one child.

My family celebrated the coming of my twins with a “baby sprinkle,” a smaller get-together with a few family and friends. And to be sure, that second baby registry came in handy, both for the guests and for me to stay organized.

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