50 Classic Baby Names for Boys That Are Still Cool Today

Looking for an old-fashioned, timeless yet cool name for your baby boy? Check out 50 classic boy names that are still cool!

Classic Boy Names

With three boys and no girls, my husband and I have had our share of finding names for boys. We also wanted each name to be classic—the kind that has been around for at least a hundred years. At the same time, we also wanted the names to have a familiar ring so that it wasn’t so old that it, too, would be dated.

So, we scoured names from various origins, looking to sources like classic literature or handed-down names. We made sure we were happy with the meaning of these names, and even considered possible nicknames, if any.

If you’re looking for timeless baby names that still sound cool, look no further. I compiled several of them and their origins, meanings, and nicknames below:

50 classic boy names

1AlexanderGreek“defender of men”Alex, Alec, Xander, Alexi
2AndrewGreek“strong,” “manly,” “courageous”Andy
3AnthonyLatin“priceless”Tony, Anton
4BenjaminHebrew“son of the south”Ben, Benny, Benji
Cal, Cale, Cay
6CharlesGerman“man,” “strong”Charlie, Chuck
7ChristopherGreek“Christ-bearer”Chris, Topher, Kit
8DanielHebrew“God is my judge”Dan, Danny
10DouglasScottish“dark water”Doug, Dougie
11EdwardEnglish“guardian of prosperity”Ed, Eddie, Ned
13EthanHebrew“strong,” “safe,” “firm”
14FrancisLatin“French,” “free man”Frank, Frankie
15FrederickTeutonic“peace”Fred, Freddie
16GabrielHebrew“devoted to God,” “a hero of God,” “God is my strength”Gabe
17GeoffreyEnglish“heavenly place”Geoff
18GeorgeGreek“tiller of the soil,” “farmer”Georgie
19HenryGerman“ruler of the household”Hank, Harry
20IanScottish“God is gracious”
21JackEnglisha nickname for John or James
22JacobHebrew“supplanter”Jake, Jack, Jackie
23JamesHebrewderived from JacobJim, Jimmy
24JohnHebrew“God is gracious”Johnny
25JonathanHebrew“God gives”John, Johnny
26JosephHebrew“God shall add another son”Joe, Joey
27JulianLatin“bearded,” “father of the skies”Jules
28KennethGaelic“handsome”Ken, Kenny
29LucasLatin“light-giving,” “illumination”Luke, Luca
30LiamIrish“strong-willed warrior and protector”
32MatthewHebrew“gift of God”Matt, Matty
33MichaelHebrew“who is like God”Mike, Mickey, Mikey
34NathanHebrew“He gave”Nate, Nat
35NicholasGreek“victory of the people”Nick, Nicky, Cole, Nico, Coley
36NoahHebrew“rest and comfort”
37OliverLatin“olive tree”Ollie
38PatrickLatin“nobleman”Pat, Paddie
40PeterGreek“a rock”Pete, Petey
42RaymondEnglish“mighty protector”Ray
43RichardGerman“strong ruler”
Rich, Richie, Rick, Ricky
44RobertEnglish“bright fame”Rob, Bert, Bertie
45SebastianLatin“venerable,” “revered”Ian, Bastian, Bash
46ThomasHebrew“a twin”Tom, Tommy
47TimothyGreek“honoring God”Tim, Timmy
48VincentLatin“conqueror,” “victor”Vinnie, Vince
49WilliamGerman“strong-willed warrior”Will, Billy
50WyattOld English“wood,” “wide”Wye
A collection of classic boy names

4 things to keep in mind when choosing a name

With all these names to consider, what should keep in mind before making a final choice? Watch this video below where I share 4 considerations:

The bottom line

My husband and I finally chose our boys’ names, suggesting one after another until the final ones emerged victorious above the rest. We checked how the initials would look and made sure we felt comfortable saying them over and over.

After all, these are the names your child will carry with him the rest of his life—but now you know they’ll also stand the test of time.

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